U.S. Army Soldiers and civilians in Japan learn more about the Army Profession
Sgt. Maj. David Stewart, senior enlisted adviser for the Center for the Army Profession and Ethic, located in West Point, NY., addressed 300 Soldiers and 50 civilians on April 1-2 stationed on Okinawa, Japan. The focus of CAPE is to address the Army's culture and reemphasize our traditions and core values.

KADENA AIR BASE, Okinawa, Japan - March 2014 represents the first month in ten plus years there were no U.S. fatalities among service members in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. As we prepare to withdraw troops at the end of the year making sizable adjustments to the force, the U.S. Army is taking proactive steps to help Army professionals understand the current transition period and beyond.

The Center for the Army Profession and Ethic was established in 2011 to determine the state of the Army Profession after more than a decade of conflict. The focus is to address the Army's culture and reemphasize our traditions and core values. The program also brings together Soldiers and Army civilians recognizing the incredible dedication and commitment made by America's Army.

Sgt. Maj. David Stewart, senior enlisted adviser for CAPE, West Point, NY., provided 300 Soldiers and 50 Army civilians the opportunity to learn more about the program from March 31 through April 1 which he has been actively doing since Oct. 2013.

"We were invited by the 10th Regional Support Group to come and provide information as part of our Stand Strong initiative of education," said Stewart. "It a great opportunity to visit and show our Soldiers stationed so very far away that Big Army is here for them.

Over the past two days I have learned that no matter where I go people may not understand initially why they are in the audience listening to this important topic. But by the end of the brief and seminar people start to understand the importance of the Army profession and the concepts which can help them inside their organizations. I made the comment to a few folks that this morning's presentation to officers and civilians was much tougher and more focused as the questions were more specific. We try and make the training as interactive as possible in order for people to get a better understanding of the concepts."

The seminar begins with simplistic concepts and then moves into more complex areas of understanding. These concepts include the operational definition of the profession of arms consisting of the uniformed military and the Army civilian employees. These components work together reminding all that each Soldier and civilian takes an oath as an Army Professional.

For more information, please go to; http://CAPE.ARMY.MIL

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