Testing begins for automated gate control
Staff Sgt. Jose Vasquez, physical security officer, tests the new automated gate system that will begin its test phase Tuesday at all of the post's Installation Access Control Points.

Fort Leonard Wood has installed automated gates at all of its Installation Access Control Points -- located at the north, west, south and east gates.

Testing of this new equipment, which includes a card-swipe system, will begin Tuesday for service members with Common Access Cards.

"We will be conducting an endurance testing of the system for 15 days. This is a contractual requirement for the contractor to test the functionality of the system," said Rick Vise, Security Operations Branch, Directorate of Emergency Services chief.

"This testing will be done in phases that will gradually introduce the system with the community as well as getting the guards and military police used to operating the equipment."

Initially, the Automated Installation Entry System will only be tested between 9 p.m. and 5 a.m.

Then, starting April 7 to 9, testing will be from 1 to 9 p.m. during non-peak travel periods and from 5 a.m. to 1 pm., April 10 to 13 during non-peak travel times, according to Vise.

"By 10 April, all three shifts will participate in the endurance testing until 5 a.m. on April 14," Vise said.

During the testing phase, vehicles containing more than one person will still need to have all of their ID cards visually inspected by the guard or MP.

"A registered active-duty Department of Defense credentialed person will approach the access control point, stop at the AIE card reader and swipe his or her ID card. The registered person?'s information will be displayed on a screen inside the guard booth, the guard or military police will verify the information on the screen with the registered information. The gate arm rises automatically or at the will of the guard. If the information does not match, the individual will be denied access or other appropriate action may be taken," Vise said.

Vise said service members having trouble should notify the guard or MP working the lane.

"The guard or MP will provide assistance and if it still will not read, then more than likely the individual may not be properly registered into the system. In any case, the guard or MP will validate the ID card of the individual as we have always done," Vise said.

He had a final word of caution -- especially for drivers with extended mirrors.

"We ask that as that as you approach the card reader, to do so carefully. Other installations have reported damages to both the readers and vehicles," Vise said.

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