Engagement branch trains Suriname's Army
Master Sgt. Joseph Hissong, from U.S. Army Security Assistance Training Management Organization, discusses patrol base operations to an infantry platoon from the Suriname Army. Five Soldiers from the Security Assistance Training Management Organization conducted training for the Suriname Army in February as part of a foreign military sales case.

Five U.S. Army Security Assistance Training Management Organization Soldiers deployed to Suriname in February to conduct a Small Unit Tactics Mobile Training Team with the Suriname Army. The USASATMO team consisted of one officer and four Soldiers who served as advisers and trainers during the 12-day field exercise.

The U.S. team, in conjunction with personnel from Suriname, formulated a program of instruction during a Pre-deployment Site Survey in December. The instruction focused on squad level tactics which culminated in a platoon level field training exercise. The MTT is embedded 24/7 with the Surinamese Army which enables the team to build rapport quickly by training and living with the Suriname students.

Training was held in order to build small unit leaders and empower the noncommissioned officer corps of the Suriname Army. The instruction included classes on small unit tactics, troop leading procedures, tactical field care and map reading. According to USASATMO trainers, the students progressed rapidly and began to conduct exercises that included ambushes, reconnaissance, patrol base establishment and movement techniques.

The training highlighted the capability of the USASATMO advisers who deploy in support of short notice, short duration missions that build partner capacity, enable COCOM strategies and strengthen global partnerships, which are part of USASATMO's and its headquarter's, the U.S. Army Security Assistance Command, missions.

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