Memories of yesteryear
Col. Paul K Brooks, Fort Lee garrison commander, Brig. Gen. John E. O?'Neil IV, Quartermaster General, and Hugh Cahill look through a 1957 yearbook of the 11th Airborne Division that is among the items featured in the grand opening of the new Aerial Delivery and Field Services exhibit at the Quartermaster Museum March 6. Cahill, a former QM, helped with the exhibit.

FORT LEE, Va. (March 13, 2014The new Quartermaster Museum Aerial Delivery and Field Service exhibit was unveiled at a grand opening ceremony March 6.

The exhibit is a culmination of a partnership between the Quartermaster School, the Quartermaster Foundation and the museum, said Paul Morando, director, QM Museum.

"A year ago, I put out a challenge to all of the departments of the Quartermaster School for them to partner with the museum to help us tell their story," said Morando. "Aerial Delivery was the first to volunteer to support my plan. I hope this exhibit inspires other departments to pitch in and own their story. It not only enhances Soldier training, but it also educates everybody who walks into this museum."

The display includes the frame of a Bell UH-1H Iroquois "Huey" helicopter and a 6-ton Vietnam-era M85 Laundry Unit. There are also wall panels and a video that tell the story of 92 Romeos -- parachute rigger -- and 92 Sierras -- shower, laundry and clothing repair specialist.

"My goal for this exhibit is to enhance the history of the aerial delivery and field services department," said Morando. "I want Soldiers to walk through this exhibit -- whether they are 92 Romeos or 92 Sierras -- and feel proud of their history and become educated about former Soldiers who gave so much to their job."

Brig. Gen. John E. O'Neil IV, Quartermaster General, said the museum keeps history alive and well.
"It's exciting and innovative," he said. "There are so many great stories to tell about those great American men and women who have served selflessly at freedom's frontier over the years in very dark, distant and dangerous places with U.S. Army stitched over their heart and their combat uniforms (with) Old Glory one their right shoulders. Serving as the ultimate symbol of American resolve and commitment, known the world over for sacrificing, giving of themselves for others, sacrificing for freedom across the globe."

O'Neil, who holds a parachute rigger badge and said he proudly wears the distinctive red rigger headpiece, said the team did an excellent job of pulling together artifacts and stories to tell the QM story in an innovative way.

Richard Santiago, director, Aerial Delivery and Field Services Department, QM School, said he agreed with that sentiment.

"The items (in the exhibit) you see forge our heritage and shape the way we fight and protect our nation," said Santiago. "This exhibit shows the core pieces of our journey through history. Our goal is to show you these pieces and our partnership with the museum. We showcase two military occupational specialties that helped forged the history of the Quartermaster Corps."

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