FORT SILL, Okla. -- The 214th Fires Brigade is working to expand the reach and effectiveness of its family readiness groups (FRG) at the battery and company levels by training experienced Soldiers to be family readiness liaisons.

The weeklong training brought more than 25 Soldiers together to receive specialized training from experts in the many fields required for family readiness proficiency.

Led by Denise Tribble, 214th FiB family readiness support assistant, the training aimed to equip the new liaisons with the skills needed to assist Soldiers, commanders and family members with their family readiness programs to maintain optimal readiness. Having a functional FRG that exceeds Army regulations is integral to the brigade's mission of being prepared at all levels for any mission.

"I was chosen to be my company's family readiness liaison because I have experience working with the FRG and my ex-wife was my former company's FRG leader, so I had a good foundation," said Sgt. David Holub, 529th Network Support Company.

In addition to FRG experience, liaisons were chosen for their abilities to lead and assist in the challenges facing the family readiness mission. All Soldiers selected for the training were officers or noncommissioned officers who have served at two or more duty stations, are retainable to the brigade and have deployment experience. These experiences provide the family readiness liaisons with the background and wisdom to understand the FRG's mission and the challenges facing its members when needs arise.

"I've done this job for four years already," said Staff Sgt. Laquita Robinson, A Company, 168th Brigade Support Battalion, "but, this class has taught me many new and useful things. By using experts in their fields to teach the class, we get both the military and civilian views, giving us the skills to fill any gaps so there will always be somebody there to help when help is needed."

With courses taught by civilian and military experts from across post, the new liaisons were inundated with information that will allow them to be ready to direct Soldiers or family members to the places to get the specific help and assistance they require. Classes were taught on the proper running of an FRG, fundraising techniques, continuity, volunteer recognition, Army Community Services and more.

"This is an excellent program for the brigade," remarked Holub. "It sets a true standard for all FRGs with uniformity across the board, as well as a connection between FRGs through the liaisons who have all met each other here."

The primary job of these newly trained liaisons is to assist in the flow of information between FRGs, commanders and the brigade through the family readiness support assistant by providing resource information and assistance. By fortifying the ranks of its FRGs with newly trained and determined experts, the 214th FiB is assuring its readiness for any and all missions that may arise.

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