ATS employee earns FORSCOM honors
Jeanelle Joseph, winner of the FORSCOM Commanding General's Award for Supply Excellence Property Book Table of Distribution and Allowances, is presented the award by Lt. Col. H. David Brook, ATSCOM executive officer, during a ceremony at Cairns Army Airfield Feb. 13.

FORT RUCKER, Ala. (February 20, 2014) -- It's one thing to earn an award at a local level, but one of Fort Rucker's own went above and beyond to be recognized as one of the top in all of the U.S. Army Forces Command.

Jeanelle Joseph, Air Traffic Services Command, was awarded the FORSCOM Commanding General's Award for Supply Excellence Property Book Table of Distribution and Allowances during a ceremony at Cairns Army Airfield Feb. 13.

Joseph first thanked God, and then thanked her team of coworkers and supervisors for their support and efforts to help her win the award.

"I would really like to thank (Marie House, ATSCOM chief of supply readiness division)," said Joseph. "If it weren't for her, this wouldn't have happened. She pushes you and motivates you to do what you need to do and will give you everything you need to achieve what it is you want.

"I've never had a supervisor like that before and I want to be just like you when I grow up," she said.

The award is given to recognize supply excellence at various unit and installation levels, and was designed to "enhance logistical readiness of all Army units; enhance the Command Supply Discipline Program; provide a structure for recognition of group and individual Soldiers; perpetuate group competition; and increase public awareness of supply excellence in the U.S. Army," according to the Army Quartermaster website.

The framework of the evaluation includes compliance to current policy, total Army quality performance, logistics imperatives identified as special-interest items in the command, logistics review program and management control objectives identified in the command supply discipline program, said the narrator for the ceremony.

In order to be considered for the award, a person must be nominated, and once nominated, FORSCOM will perform a review to either accept or reject the nomination, said House.

Once Joseph was accepted, the inspection took place in August, and her results were beyond anyone's expectations, said Lt. Col. H. David Brooks, ATSCOM executive officer.

"In order to even qualify, you have to get at least a 90 percentile in each area of inspection," said Brooks. "Joseph got a 99 percent on her inspection. I don't think I've ever gotten 99 percent on a test, much less an inspection -- it's almost unheard of."

Not only did Joseph score a 99 percent on the inspection, but FORSCOM officials said that she did such a good job that they returned to get additional information about how she was attaining such high standards so that they can instill some of her methods across the command.

But Joseph said that the achievement wasn't something that was accomplished on her own, but rather a team effort, something that, Brooks said, was what makes ATSCOM shine so bright.

"I keep talking about the professionalism and dedication that our folks have here at ATSCOM, and (Joseph) is a fine example of this," said the executive officer. "She doesn't come to work every day just to do her job -- she comes to work every day to excel at her job, and that's what almost everybody here does.

"It's the pride that you guys show every day when you come to work -- it's 24/7 with ATSCOM," he said. "That goes to show as a testament to the professionalism and hard work that you all put into this organization. I am so proud to be a part of this organization, and very proud of Joseph."

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