Pervis Sadler dunks the ball during the 14th Combat Support Hospital Team A win over 233rd Transportation Company at Smith Fitness Center gym Friday. Sadler scored a game-high 23 points in the 47-41 win.

FORT BENNING, Ga., (Feb. 19, 2014) -- Pervis Sadler scored a game-high 23 points to lead 14th Combat Support Hospital Team A to a 47-41 win Friday over 233rd Transportation Company at Smith Fitness Center.

14th CSH jumped out to a quick lead early in the first half with an 11-point run to lead 18-9, but as the clock wound down 233rd Transportation began a comeback to pull to within two points.

At the half, 14th CSH hit a basket with less than five seconds remaining to lead 26-23 at the half.
In the first half, Sadler led 14th CSH in scoring with 14 points and Joseph Eskridge led in scoring for 233rd with seven points.

233rd knotted the score at 27 in the first few minutes of the second half before 14th CSH reeled off a seven-point run to regain the lead at 34-27.

With time winding down, 14th CSH extended their lead to 42-29 before the 233rd offense put up a late game offensive surge to close the gap to 10 points.

14th CSH slowed on offense to take advantge of the clock and hit timely shots to keep the advantage and at the sound of the buzzer, closed out with a 49-41 win.

Following the game, 14th CSH Team A coach Gerald Mosley said while the win was great, the team is still learning.

"As everybody learns how to play together and builds chemistry I think we are going to do pretty good," he said.

Mosley said this was one of the first teams they have played which employed a 3-2 zone defense, so there were minor adjustments that had to be made.

"One of the keys was we do a lot of back door screens, and that is pretty much the only way you can beat a 3-2," Mosley said. "A lot of teams that play a 3-2 have good shooters," he said, "and we have some good shooters, so it is pretty much like we are playing ourselves."

Mosley said the uptempo offense his team employs made a big difference.

"Practice time and the guys putting out a lot of effort contributed to the win," he said. "We did have a little practice time. Because it was a little colder weather, we would do PT in the morning, then come in and work on some things in the afternoon. We practiced the 2-3 zone and taught them to act like they were attached at the hip by a string. After some of the younger guys learned how to play the 2-3 zone correctly ... so, we do well as long as they don't have a bunch of shooters as well. But, sometimes we run up against teams that shoot us out of the 2-3 and end up having to play the 3-2.

Mosley said two players really helped the team in the win.

"Sadler is a very nice perimeter player," he said. "He works well with the ball off of the dribble, off a pick, off a screen ... off of anything really.

"No. 15 is Joel Cruz ... he just shoots. That's his sole purpose of being on the team, to just shoot. He makes upwards of 85 percent of his shots. He is by far our best three-point shooter. As soon as it leaves his hands, it goes in."

233rd Transportation (41)
Joseph Eskridge 12, Derrick Williams 11, Dmarius Powell 8, Dean Chinnery 6, Kris Covington 2, Brian Stallworth 2.

14th CSH Team A (47)
Pervis Sadler 23, Demetris McDougald 9, Jimmie Bennett 6, Joel Cruz 6, Chris Gadson 2, Alfred Smith 1.

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