SMDC/ARSTRAT Leadership Meets in Chattanooga to Discuss Command Objectives
SMDC/ARSTRAT\'s leadership team met in Chatanooga, Tenn. on Aug. 25-28 for an offsite to discuss command objectives and critical tasks for the fiscal year. They also looked at objectives and tasks for 2010-2015, as well as addressing the command's mission, vision, and guiding principles. Employees can find the mission, vision, and guiding principles in a recent publication that was sent to all organizations within SMDC/ARSTRAT. Employees who have not seen this publication can ask their leadership or visit the Public Affairs Office, as a few copies are still available. At the closing of the offsite, SMDC/ARSTRAT Commanding General LTG Kevin T. Campbell said in regards to the document that he "found it is a living gives employees a lane."

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