The Commander's Energy Conservation Cup has rolled into its second six-month period and the first six months proved very successful reducing energy consumption by $72,000 installation wide.

"The competition pits building against building and measures the percentage of energy usage this year compared to the same period last year," said Mohammed Ikram, installation energy conservation manager. "This way it makes it as fair as possible and everyone has to deal with the same climate and temperature changes."

The building with the highest percentage of energy reduction during the first six months of the competition was Building 229 with a 17.02 percent reduction in savings. Alan Parks, garrison manager, and Tony Misuraca from Program Executive Office Ground Combat Systems accepted the Commander's Energy Conservation Cup on behalf of all the occupants of Building 229 during a recent TACOM town hall. The cup will rotate through different organizations within the building until the next winner is announced.

Second place for that period was Building 231 with 16.72 percent savings and third went to Building 230 East and Central with 14.38 percent in savings and the overall greatest monthly reduction of 28 percent in October.

The current six-month period kicked off in November with Building 255 well in the lead with a 38 percent reduction over the same period the previous year. Other November results are as follows:

Building 255 -- 38 percent
Building 230 East and Central -- 31 percent
Building 229 -- 24 percent
Building 212 -- 21 percent
Building 270 -- 17 percent
Building 215 -- 15 percent
Building 213 -- 14 Percent
Building 212B -- 11 Percent
Building 201 -- 9 percent
Building 205 -- 6 percent
Building 210 -- 5 percent
Building 249 -- 5 percent
Building 200D -- 4 percent
Building 230 West -- 2 percent

This program will help the installation meet the first goal of the Strategic Energy Security Goals of the Army's Energy Security and Implementation Strategies ( The goals are:

1. Reduce energy consumption
2. Increased energy efficiency across platforms and facilities
3. Increased use of new renewable and alternatives
4. Assured access to sufficient energy supplies
5. Reduce adverse impacts on environment

Even switching off a bulb, when not in use, helps reduce the consumption of some fuel source which is burnt to produce that kilowatt-hour of energy. Turning off fans, televisions and other electronic equipment not only do a great deal in conserving energy, but also in protecting the environment.

Conserving energy is important for yet other more obvious reasons. Low electricity bills, reduced maintenance, operating and service costs for electronic equipment are some of the prime benefits, which we can derive, if we use our sources of energy only when required and sparingly.

Energy conservation is important even with regards to social impact on communities. Conserving energy is equivalent to saving a good deal of fortune for our kids and their generations. It is also important to understand that energy must be used only when it is required and essential. If your workplace is too cold or too warm for your comfort, be proactive and initiate some changes in your personal clothing or in the office environment. Loose fitting clothes with light colors help in keeping you a little cooler. Or, adding an extra layer of clothes will make you feel warmer.

It is not possible to completely avoid the use of energy by anyone, but consumption can surely be reduced. Use your resources only when required. Remember, the Earth has enough for your need, but not for your greed.

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