VILSECK, Germany -- Recently, there has been some confusion about the services available at Bavaria Medical Department Activity facilities.

Military retirees, federal civilian employees and family members in the Bavaria Military Community footprint can be seen on a space-available basis at BMEDDAC health clinics, which is the standard for all Army medical sites throughout Europe.

However, these facilities will treat only episodic (non-recurring) health issues for space -available patients. Examples of episodic health issues include: minor illnesses, muscle injuries and gastroenteritis.

Chronic health problems -- such as diabetes, hypertension and other major ailments -- must be managed carefully by a primary care manager for continuity of care and patient safety.

Treatment on a space-available basis does not allow for continuous management of chronic health problems.

Therefore, BMEDDAC health facilities will not treat chronic health problems for space-available patients.

Patients who have chronic health problems, but experience an episodic health issue, can be seen at a BMEDDAC health clinic on a space-available basis for treatment of that specific episodic health issue.

Space-available care simply means that if an appointment is available and not already booked, then a retiree, civilian or family member may be seen in that appointment slot.

If all appointments are booked or are otherwise unavailable, then space available patients must seek treatment in the German health system.

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