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USAG-Y Policy 1-1 Army Substance Abuse Program (ASAP)
USAG-Y Policy 1-2 Civilian Monetary and Performance Recognition Awards
USAG-Y Policy 1-3 FMWR Fitness Center Access on USAG-Y Installations
USAG-Y Policy 1-4 Personal Commercial Solicitation on USAG-Y Installations
USAG-Y Policy 1-5 Accommodation of Employees and Soldiers
USAG-Y Policy 1-6 Family Advocacy Program
USAG-Y Policy 1-7 Youth Anti-Smoking
USAG-Y Policy 1-8 Pre-Paid Punch Cards
USAG-Y Policy 1-9 Change of CMD Ceremonies
USAG-Y Policy 1-10 Adolescent Substance Abuse
USAG-Y Policy 1-11 Standards of Child Supervision
Policy Letter 1-12 ASAP Quarterly Incentive Award
USAG-Y Policy 1-13 Hanging Banners and Posters
USAG-Y Policy 1-14 USAG-Y Fund Raising
USAG-Y Policy 1-15 Installation Outprocessing
USAG-Y Policy 1-16 Military Leave
USAG-Y Policy Letter 1-17 Prohibiting Nonconsensual Use of Recording Devices in the Work Environment
USAG-Y Policy 1-18 Army Casualty Program
USAG-Y Policy 1-19 Sexual Harassment and Assault Response and Prevention (SHARP) Program
USAG-Y Policy 1-20 Family Violence Policy
USAG-Y Policy 1-21 Replacement of Government Issue Ration Control Cards
USAG-Y Policy 1-22 Anti-Bullying
USAGY Policy 1-23 (In-Processing Barracks)
USAG-Y Policy 1-25 Installation Food Defense Program
USAG-Y Policy 2-1 Control of Pets, Mascots, Stray Animals
USAG-Y Policy 2-3 Real Property Master Planning
USAG-Y Policy 2-4 Fence Policy for Family Housing
USAG-Y Policy 2-5 Real Property Management
USAG-Y Policy 2-7 Building Coord_Fire Marshals for UPH
USAG-Y Policy 2-8 Family Housing
USAG-Y Policy 2-13 Environmental
USAG-Y Policy 3-1 Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC) Training Policy
USAGY Policy 3-2 (Implementation of Individual Antiterrorism Plan Tracking System)
USAG-Y Policy 3-4 Collier Fitness Center Utilization
USAG-Y Policy 3-5 Installation Land Facility Use
USAG-Y Policy 3-6 Unclassified documentation Shred All Policy Destruction
USAG-Y Policy 4-1 Financial Liability Investigation
USAG-Y Policy 4-2 Non-Tactical Vehicle (NTV) Policy
USAG-Y Policy 4-3 Accountability of Hand Receipt Holders
USAG-Y Policy 5-2 ETP for POV_Drivers License
USAG-Y Policy 5-3 DUI Suspension Letter
USAG-Y Policy 5-4 AAFES Visitor Access
USAGY Policy 5-5 (Non-SOFA Plated Vehicle Decal (DD Form 2220) Program)
USAG-Y Policy 5-6 Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or Remote Control Aircraft (RCA) Policy
USAG-Y Policy 5-7 Open Container Policy
USAG-Y Policy 5-9 Ration Control Violations_Black Marketing
USAGY Policy 5-10 (Installation Parking Policy)
USAG-Y Policy 5-11 Noise Control
USAG-Y Policy 5-13 Yongsan Gate 3_4 Restrictions
USAG-Y Policy 5-15 Human Trafficking_Prostitution Off Post
USAG-Y Policy 5-17 Gate One Restrictions
USAGY Policy 5-18 (Fuel Ration Control)
USAG-Y Policy 5-19 Meds Containing DXM
USAG-Y Policy 5-20 Prohibitions on the Possession and Use of Weapons, Destructive Devices and other Dangerous Items
USAG-Y Policy 5-22 Replacement of Government Issue Identification Cards and Ration Control Cards
USAG-Y Policy 7-1 Religious Support Facility Use
USAG-Y Policy 7-2 Religious Support Activity Publicity
USAG-Y Policy 8-1 Open Door Policy as of Aug 2014
USAG-Y Policy 8-2 EO Complaint Procedures
USAG-Y Policy 8-3 Prevention of Sexual Harassment POSH
USAG-Y Policy 8-4 Equal Opportunity EO as of Aug 2014
USAG-Y Policy 8-5 Consideration of Others Program
USAG-Y Policy 8-6 Alternative Dispute Resolution Prorgam (ADR)
USAG-Y Policy 10-1 Commander's Safety Council
USAG-Y Policy 10-12 Portable Space Heater Permit
USAG-Y Policy 11-2 Union Activities During Duty Hours
USAG-Y Policy 11-3 Korean National Performance Standards
Policy 11-4_InOut processing for USAG-Y DACs
USAG-Y POLICY 13-1 rev Commander Policy Equal Employment Opportunity EEO and Affirmative Employment as of Aug 2014
USAG-Y Policy 13-2 rev Prev Unlawful Harassment and Prohibit Reprisal for EEO Activity as of Aug 2014
USAG-Y Policy 13-3 File Complaints and Alternative Dispute Resolution as of Aug 2014
USAG-Y Policy 14-1 ICE
USAG-Y Policy 14-2 Gov Cell Phones_Blackberries
USAG-Y Policy 15-1 Good Neighbor Program

USAG Yongsan Policy Letters are developed to inform the community of additional regulatory requirements set forth by the Garrison Commander. Policy Letters are also to help clarify regulatory requirements and put them in layman's terms for the awareness of the entire USAG Yongsan community.

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USAGY Policy 1-1 (HRS - Army Substance Abuse Program) - (ASAP)
USAGY Policy 1-2 (Civilian Monetary and Performance Recognition Awards)
USAGY Policy 1-3 (Access and Use USAG-Y FMWR Physical Fitness Centers)
USAGY Policy 1-4 (Personal Commercial Solicitation on USAG-Y Installation)
USAG-Y Policy 1-5 Accommodation of Employees and Soldiers
USAGY Policy 1-6 (USAG-Y Family Advocacy Program)
USAGY Policy 1-7 (USAG-Y Youth Smoking)
USAGY Policy 1-8 (Pre-paid Punch Card @ Sungnam Golf Course)
USAGY Policy 1-9 (Change of Command Ceremonies)
USAGY Policy 1-10 (Adolescent Substance Abuse Counseling Service Command Referral)
USAGY Policy 1-11 (Standard of Child Supervision in USAG-Y)
USAGY Policy 1-12 (ASAP 80 Day Incentive Award)
USAGY Policy 1-13 (Hanging Banners & Posting Flyers/Poster on USAG-Y Installation)
USAGY Policy 1-15 (Installation Out-processing)
USAGY Policy 1-16 (Military Leave)
USAG-Y Policy 1-17 Prohibiting Nonconsensual Use of Recording Devices in the Work Environment
USAGY Policy 1-18 (Army Casualty Program)
USAGY Policy 1-19 (USAG-Y SHARP Program)
USAG-Y Policy 1-20 Family Violence Policy
USAGY Policy 1-21 (Replacement of Gov't Issue Ration Control Cards (USFK Forms 73-1 to 73-5 and 46-3)
USAGY Policy 1-22 (USAG-Y Anti-Bullying)
USAGY Policy 1-23 (Yongsan Readiness Center Barracks Billeting Policy)
USAGY Policy 1-24
USAGY Policy 1-25 (Installation Food Defense Program) - (IFD)

USAGY Policy 2-1 (Control of Pets, Mascots, and Stray Animals)
USAGY Policy 2-3 (Real Property Master Planning Policy and Procedures)
USAGY Policy 2-4 (Fence Policy for Family Housing Residents
USAGY Policy 2-5 (Real Property Management Policy and Procedures)
USAGY Policy 2-7 (Appt. and Duties of Bldg. Coordinator & Fire marshall for UPH)
USAGY Policy 2-8 (Family Housing Assignment - Combined w/2-9)
USAGY Policy 2-13 (Environmental Policy)

USAGY Policy 3-1 (Headquarters, Headquarters Company (HHC) Training Policy)
USAGY Policy 3-2 (Implementation of Individual Antiterrorism Plan Tracking System)
USAGY Policy 3-4 (Collier Community Fitness Center, Utilization and Request for Use of FMWR Sports Fields & Parks & Picnic Areas)
USAGY Policy 3-5 (Installation Land and Facilities Use)
USAGY Policy 3-6

USAGY Policy 4-1 (Financial Liability Investigation Policy)
USAGY Policy 4-2 (Non-Tactical Vehicle)
USAGY Policy 4-3 (Accountability of Property Issued to Hand Receipt Holders)

USAGY Policy 5-2 (Exception to Policy (ETP) for privately owned Vehicles and Drivers licenses)
USAGY Policy 5-3 (Issuance of Driving Privileges Suspension Letter-Driving under the influence)
USAGY Policy 5-4 (Visitors Access to USAG-Y Army and AAFES Facilities)
USAGY Policy 5-5 (Non-SOFA Plated Vehicle Safety Decal Program
USAGY Policy 5-6 (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or Remote Control Aircraft (RCA) Policy)
USAGY Policy 5-7 (Installation Open Container Policy)
USAGY Policy 5-9 (Ration Control Violations and Black Marketing)
USAGY Policy 5-10 (Installation Parking)
USAGY Policy 5-11 (Noise Control)
USAGY Policy 5-13 (Yongsan Gates #3 and #4 Restrictions)
USAGY Policy 5-15 (Human Trafficking and Prostitution within Off-Post Entertainment Districts)
USAGY Policy 5-17 (Yongsan Gate #1 Restrictions)
USAGY Policy 5-18 (Fuel Ration Control)
USAGY Policy 5-19 (Over the Counter Medicinal Purchases Containing Dextromethorphan - (DXM)
USAGY Policy 5-20 (Prohibitions on the Posession and use of weapons, destructive devices & other dangerous items
USAGY Policy 5-22 (Replacement of Government Issue Identification Cards and Ration Control Cards)
USAGY Policy 5-25 (Sex Offense Disclosure and Registration by on-post Housing Applicant)

USAGY Policy 7-1 (Religious Support Facility Use)
USAGY Policy 7-2 (Religious Support Activity Publicity)

USAGY Policy 8-1 (Open Door Policy)
USAGY Policy 8-2 (Equal Opportunity Complaint Procedures)
USAGY Policy 8-3 (Prevention of Sexual Harrasment) - (POSH)
USAGY Policy 8-4 (Equal Opportunity Policy)
USAGY Policy 8-5 (Considerations of others Program Guidance)
USAGY Policy 8-6 (Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program)

USAGY Policy 10-1 (USAGY Garrison/Area II Safety and Occupational Health Advisory Council)
USAGY Policy 10-12 (Portable Space Heater Permit Process)

USAGY Policy 11-2 (Union Activities During Duty Hours)
USAGY Policy 11-3 (Establishment of Performance Standards for KN)
USAGY Policy 11-4

USAGY Policy 13-1 (Commander's Policy on EEEO and Affirmative Employment)
USAGY Policy 13-2 (Prevention and Elimination of Unlawful Harrassment and Prohibition againts) and (Reprisal for Participating in EEO Activity)
USAGY Policy 13-3 (Commander's Policy on the right of individuals to file complaints of Discrimination) and (the use of the alternative dispute Resolution)

USAGY Policy 14-1 (Interactive Customer Evaluation)
USAGY Policy 14-2 (Management, Issuance, Use and Accountability of Gov't Cell Phones)

USAGY Policy 15-1 (Good Neighbor Program)

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