YONGSAN, SOUTH KOREA -- The second annual Combined Organizational Day between the 41st Signal Battalion and the 60th Signal Battalion, Republic of Korea Army, was held Oct. 31 at Collier Field on Yongsan Army Base.

Organizational days serve as a tradition in which military units will set aside a day to enjoy food, fun, camaraderie and family together.

While this year's event provided was full of food and fun, it also gave an opportunity for American and Korean Soldiers alike to focus on team building.

Soldiers competed in numerous sporting events on a sunny Halloween day. Skyscrapers just outside of post, in the Ichon district of Seoul, overlooked Collier Field and provided the backdrop and a reminder for what both Armies are working so hard for.

"Our relationship both personally and professionally has matured considerably over the past year through tactical exchanges and training seminars," said Lt. Col Warren R. Wood, 41st Signal Battalion Commander. "This event was a great way to celebrate that progress."

About 90 ROK Soldiers and their families, from the 60th ROK Army Signal Battalion, including Lt. Col. Jong Hoon Kim, 60th ROK Army Signal Battalion Commander and Command Sgt. Major Woo Yeon Kim, 60th ROK Army Signal Battalion Command Sergeant Major, attended the event and participated in the sports competitions.

The HHD, 201st, 275th, 362nd and 552nd Signal Companies of the 41st Signal Battalion welcomed the Korean Soldiers to their respective company teams and competed in basketball, soccer, volleyball, ultimate frisbee and softball.

Wood said that the event was fun for all Soldiers, civilians and family members that attended. "The weather was absolutely fantastic and everyone was engaged in the event," said Wood.

Working together as a team was the main focus of the Organizational Day. The 362nd Signal Company proved to be the best team and was declared the overall winner.

The Organizational Day concluded when plaques were presented by Wood and Command Sgt. Maj. Russell Deleon, 41st Signal Battalion Command Sergeant Major. Each battalion received a plaque to remember the day's events and signify the strength of the alliance.

Master Sgt. Daniel A. Wachob, operations non-commissioned officer in charge, 41st Signal Battalion, said during his first tour to Korea in 1999, he didn't experience this kind of bond with the ROK Army.

"I have really enjoyed my interactions with the ROK Army over this past year and I am looking forward to more events like this one," said Wachob.

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