Schweinfurt students, teacher attend leadership seminar
Students and teachers attend the Department of Defense Education Activity's Junior Leadership Seminar in Oberwesel, Germany, Oct. 6 through 11. Schweinfurt Middle/High School students and one teacher attended the seminar.

[Editor's note: Storm Speakman is a junior at Schweinfurt Middle/High School and contributor to]

SCHWEINFURT, Germany (Nov. 14, 2013) -- The Department of Defense Education Activity hosted its annual Junior Leadership Seminar in Oberwesel, Germany, Oct. 6 through 11 for the "best and brightest that DoDDS Middle Schools have to offer."

Schweinfurt Middle/High School students, along with teacher Quintin Geier, had the opportunity to attend this seminar to improve the leadership skills of middle school students throughout the DODEA system.

During the seminar, students had opportunities to participate in many leadership and team-building activities. One event in their schedule was the "gentle morning wakeup," which consisted of the blowing of an air horn and pounding on doors.

Throughout their day, these middle school students participated in vigorous activities called "eye openers" -- activities such as running laps in the early morning, swimming, learning to dance the "Thriller" or just playing with a colorful parachute. These activities were, according to Geier, "key to their ability to succeed throughout the day."

Schweinfurt students had positive things to say about JLS.

"JLS was amazing because I learned how to be a good leader by collaborating with students across Europe," said eighth grade student Abigail Sekutera.

"At JLS we learned that leaders vary, like the colors of M&Ms," said eighth grade student Ashley Morales. "It's just a matter of finding out what color M&M you are."

"I agree with what Abby and Ashley have to say, or, as we learned at JLS, we have reached a consensus," said Taylor Bare, a seventh grade student.

The leadership seminar, however, was not just fun and games. The students also participated in intercessions aimed at developing leadership skills such as public speaking.

Geier was the instructor for the public speaking class where he taught students skills vital to the persuasiveness of communication. He touched on rhetoric, logic, and ethics.

By the end of the seminar the students had greatly improved on skills that are crucial to success in modern day society and are also important to success as a leader.

"Overall the 2013 leadership seminar was a huge success, and I feel like these kids were taught skills that will be key to their success in our society," Geier said.

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