SCOTT AFB, Ill. - The Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command was granted an exemption by the Department of Transportation, effective Oct. 22, to the 30-minute rest break portion of the hours-of-service rules for drivers operating in the continental U.S. hauling arms, ammunition, explosives and other sensitive military cargo requiring constant surveillance for the Department of Defense.

"Safety and security is our top priority. This procedure ensures sensitive freight is transported in this manner by well-rested drivers, while also meeting customer requirements," said Mel Holland, Director of SDDC's Strategic Business Office.

DOT's Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration enacted new hours-of-service rules in April. The new rules require long-haul operators to take an off-duty 30-minute rest break after driving 8 hours.

SDDC filed an exemption request because contracted drivers carrying sensitive cargo are required to stay on-duty and with, or in constant view of, their vehicle at all times. The exemption allows SDDC contracted drivers to count on-duty time spent attending the cargo, but not doing other on-duty work, towards the break.

"We absolutely must have our eyes on this kind of cargo at all times," said C.E. Radford, Division Chief of SDDC's Domestic Business Office. "Our drivers will still be taking breaks, but this exemption allows them to do so while with their vehicle or in sight of it, while still on duty." said Radford.

Headquartered at Scott Air Force Base, Ill., SDDC is composed of active and Reserve military and civilian personnel stationed all over the world. SDDC accomplishes this mission by partnering with the best of U.S. commercial shipping, port, air, trucking and rail services to deliver cargo to every corner of the globe supporting Department of Defense contingencies, exercises and humanitarian aid missions.

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