What to do when bad weather hits Schweinfurt
Snow blankets the Andrus Garden on Ledward Barracks at the Schweinfurt garrison. Snow and ice can effect changes in road conditions, school closures, and may result in work delays or a temporary shutdown in some garrison services. Know where you can find information on school closures and weather and road conditions.

SCHWEINFURT, Germany (Nov. 6, 2013) -- You wake up at the crack of dawn and Mother Nature has left a gift at your front door: a foot of snow and bone-chilling temperatures. Now what?

Whether you're a Soldier, parent, student or civilian, there are some valuable sources to aid you in your next decision.

Inclement weather brought on by the autumn and winter months can deliver a blow to Schweinfurt and the surrounding area, affecting your decision to travel.

Garrison officials and street cleaning crews will do everything they can to keep services running. Snow and ice, however, may result in changes in road conditions, school closures, work delays or a temporary shutdown in some garrison services.

Be in the know. Here's how:

• Stay connected to www.teamschweinfurt.com. In the right hand column there is a "Weather & Roads" button. Click it to find out about school closures, road conditions and weather conditions.
• If you are without Internet access, call the "Weather & Roads" hotline, at any time of the day, at 09721-96-6690/6213 or DSN 354-6690/6213 to listen to an up-to-date automated message concerning closures and road and weather conditions.
• Tune into AFN Bavaria radio at 87.7 FM or 1143 AM radio. Radio DJs provide updates on conditions in Schweinfurt.
• If you have an AFN decoder for your television, turn to channel 112, which plays AFN Bavaria's The Eagle, or channel 113, which plays AFN Bavaria's The PowerNet. You can listen for updates on both channels.
• If you are a Soldier and are still unsure, call your staff duty officer for further guidance.
• To locate a traffic jam -- known as a "stau" in German -- go to www.bayerninfo.de. Click on English (top right), "Traffic Condition," and look for the stau signs along your route.

Road conditions are set at green, amber, red or black. These levels only pertain to conditions for military tactical and non-tactical vehicles. All DoD sedans, station wagons, carryalls, vans, buses and public works vehicles are considered "non-tactical."

Contrary to popular belief, the road condition does not dictate whether you as a Soldier, civilian or student should come to work or school, though it is an indicator that you should practice extreme caution commensurate with the current condition.

Green condition indicates normal driving conditions; amber condition indicates; red condition indicates driving conditions are dangerous and for government vehicles only mission-essential and emergency vehicles can traverse the roads; black condition indicates driving conditions are extremely dangerous and for government vehicles only emergency vehicles can traverse the roads.

The garrison commander will determine school closures and work delays. This information will instantaneously be routed to www.teamschweinfurt.com and AFN and made available to the public. So stay connected, tune in, turn on and before leaving your house, use good judgment and err on the side of safety.

During a two-hour delay, the Schweinfurt Health Clinic will open at 9 a.m. and during a four-hour delay, the clinic will open at 11 a.m. Clinical staff follow the early release guidance when the garrison makes an early release announcement. In each of these situations, the clinic will work with patients to re-schedule appointments.

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