The Fort Belvoir Directorate of Public Works completed two draft concept plans last month for the revitalization of the south side of 12th Street.
The four-phase project will be completed sometime before 2020, according to Chris Landgraf, DPW master planner. Both concept plans involve the relocation of the Belvoir Federal Credit Union and Dunkin' Donuts. Fort Belvoir's housing partner, Clark-Michaels, designed the concept sketches. The group is a conglomeration of Clark Realty Capital and Michaels Management Services.
DPW will not make any final decisions on the concept plans until the completion of the housing market analysis, which is scheduled for the end of the calendar year.
"What we hope ultimately comes out of it is that everybody agrees that we have a good design element," Landgraf said. "We are moving forward to complete that design element, and to improve the overall network of traffic ability, and to spruce up the place."
The north side of 12th Street is considered one of the most successful mixed-use development design elements in the U.S. Army, Landgraf said. DPW have been planning for the addition of development in the area since 2006. The revitalization of 12th Street would facilitate an increase in development.
Under both revitalization design concepts, the credit union will move to a prominent location on 12th Street at the corner of Middleton Road, Landgraf said. The Dunkin' Donuts will be placed between 12th and 13th Street under both plans, but in slightly different locations. Both design concepts also involve turning 13th Street, currently a one-way road, into a two-way street.
The Belvoir Federal Credit Union has been in the same building, at 5982 13th Street, for the past 40 years and it needs a new roof, along with other repairs, according to Dottye Bunch, facilities manager of the credit union. In addition, the credit union currently has poor visibility. There is not a lot of signage and people need to be told where the credit union is in order to find it, Bunch said.
Credit union officials are excited about moving to 12th Street, she said. Moving is a better idea than putting a lot of money into repairing the current facility. The credit union's move to 12th Street would bring a lot of foot traffic to the area, according to Jason Lindstrom, the chief marketing manager for the Belvoir Federal Credit Union.
He agreed with Bunch that the credit union is currently housed in an aging building.
"The building is kind of old and we would love to be in a new development with great visibility to possibly increase traffic to our branch, but then be part of that development," Lindstrom said.
The Fort Belvoir community will have an opportunity for comment on which concept to move forward with the design before a decision is made. The revitalization will lead to a significant increase of shrubbery in the area. Moving Dunkin' Donuts would provide an opportunity for the establishment to add a better drive-through capability, Landgraf said.

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