Fort Rucker military policeman Spc. Paul Klink and U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center's Rachel Provau participate in a traffic safety training video for the Army Traffic Safety Training Program. The USACRC assisted the Installation Management Agency in completing training videos for two new Army-wide traffic safety courses.

FORT RUCKER, Ala. (Army News Service, Sept. 15, 2006) - It was, "lights, camera, action," for several Fort Rucker servicemembers Sept. 11-15 when the U.S. Army Combat Readiness Center and Firehouse Pictures shot a training video for two new Army Traffic Safety Training Program courses.<br/><br/>Installation Management Agency contracted the National Traffic Safety Institute, a nationally-recognized traffic school, to develop course materials for the traffic safety program, according to USACRC Driving Task Force Chief Lt. Col. Laura Loftus.<br/><br/>"Together, the USACRC and NTSI support the Army Traffic Safety Training Program to provide the best training for our Soldiers," she said.<br/><br/>The advanced driver and supervisor safety videos, which are final classes in the traffic safety program, include footage of Fort Rucker commanders, military police and others, , according to IMA Safety Chief Mario Owens.<br/><br/>"The courses are installation-level classes. The advanced driver training is a refresher for servicemembers ages 18-26 who are not yet in supervisory roles, while the supervisor training is designed to help commanders and noncommissioned officers understand their roles in ensuring Soldiers and civilians get the safety training they need," he said.<br/><br/>IMA partnered with USACRC to create an effective Army safety program. The USACRC receives and analyzes traffic accident information while IMA embeds the knowledge in the training materials, said Owens.<br/><br/>The training fulfills Department of Defense Instruction 6055.4 and Army Regulations 385-55 and 600-55 requirements to provide servicemembers defensive driving skills, information and training to operate vehicles safely.<br/><br/>"The traffic safety training program reinforces a positive outlook on driving," Loftus said. The program includes an online accident-avoidance course, hands-on motorcycle training and traffic-safety classes.<br/><br/>Three basic classes fulfill the DoD requirement that all military personnel under age 26 be given a minimum of four hours of traffic safety training. The Army offers introductory courses during Advanced Individual Training; local hazard, and intermediate courses are offered at Soldiers' first duty stations.<br/><br/>"These videos support the whole Army," said Loftus. "The USACRC appreciates the Fort Rucker units' help in producing this product. It's great that we can provide standardized training for Soldiers."<br/><br/>USACRC reports indicate that during fiscal 2006 there have been 117 traffic accidents - 17 fewer than in 2005.<br/><br/>Owens said the addition of updated safety training has decreased the number of accidents, and he expects the number to continually decrease.<br/><br/>"Soldiers deal with life and death situations and should be more cautious of decisions they make while operating motor vehicles," he said.<br/><br/>

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