HUNTSVILLE, Ala.--On July 25, the New Initiatives Division and the Advanced Technology Division of the Space and Missile Defense Command/ Armed Forces Strategic Command (SMDC/ARSTRAT) Technical Center conducted a successful demonstration of an integrated suite of Homeland Technologies and Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Technologies.

Homeland Technologies presented a demonstration of their Decisive Interface Box System (DIBS). The DIBS displayed a capability that links fixed and mobile platforms with sensors to stream live video and data from the field to command centers anywhere in the world. The DIBS gives command centers a view of the field like the one the soldiers are seeing. Some of the platforms that the DIBS can utilize are boats, sport utility vehicles, emergency responders, and airborne units (both manned and unmanned). On hand at the demonstration was another type of platform, a TOMCAR.

SMDC/ARSTRAT's SBIR Technologies group presented their Deployable Satellite Communication Terminal, an inflatable backpack size satellite antenna that provides high-bandwidth communications (SATCOM) for first-in-the-field communicators. It also dramatically reduces the packaged weight and volume of traditional rigid antennas, providing logistical improvement and enhanced operational capabilities.

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