Army Surgeon General
Lt. Gen. Patricia D. Horoho Surgeon General and Commanding General, U.S. Army Medical Command

As our Command prepares to observe Columbus Day and celebrate the arrival of Christopher Columbus in the New World on October 12, 1492, I salute all of the men and women in uniform as well as our civilian employees who proudly serve and protect the United States of America.

Columbus Day, the first holiday weekend of autumn, is accompanied by cooler temperatures, thoughts of football parties, hunting season and exercise in the great outdoors. Just like any other season, however, autumn can be a risky time of year. To help Soldiers counter the hazards, the US Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center recently released the annual Army Safe Autumn Campaign, a resource leaders and safety professionals may use to augment their existing risk management programs. The seasonal safety campaign, including tools and resources, is available at the Army Combat Readiness/Safety Center website, at https://safetv.armv.mii/KnowtheSigns. The autumn safety campaign runs through December first.

Leaders be proactive and brief your Soldiers and Civilian personnel on the hazards appropriate for the area and weather conditions. Also, prepare your people now for winter risks and hazards: Winterize vehicles, conduct preseason inspections of heating units, test/replace smoke detector batteries, drain gas from yard tools, and check and insulate water pipes if necessary.

Your dedication and professionalism continue to make us "Army Safe and Army Strong." Please enjoy a safe holiday weekend.

Serving to Heal...Honored to Serve!

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