ACC-APG renovation project unites Division D employees
Jeff Ralls, career development specialist with the Army Contracting Command " Aberdeen Proving Ground, stands next to the "Dog Pound" mural displaying his Army drill sergeant hat during an open house held on Sept. 18, 2013 to commemorate Division D's newly renovated building. This mural is a historic symbol of building 4310's previous mission on APG in support of the Army's Ordnance School where Ralls served as a military member with the Bravo Bulldogs. Now, 15 years later, he toured the building as an ACC-APG employee reliving memories of the past. Division D members ensured the mural was preserved during the renovation project.

A building renovation project literally brought together employees of Division D of the Army Contracting Command -- Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md.

With the completion of the refurbishment of building 4310, Division D employees are now located under one roof. The division held an open house Sept. 18 to celebrate the opening of its newly renovated building.

"Prior to the completion of this renovation, the division was located in three different locations, including five temporary office trailers," said Sue Greider, division chief. "We didn't have a facility large enough to accommodate the entire division of 95 people. It's truly wonderful to see the whole division together, mentoring and collaborating on work issues."

The building is divided into three bays, reminiscent of the building's history as a facility with the Ordnance Center and School, which relocated to Fort Lee, Va., as part of Base Realignment and Closure. Prior to the renovation, a portion of Division D had office space in two of the bays. Its occupants moved to a temporary location for the duration of the work.

"The renovation included all three bays and took 17 months to complete," said Tim Yingling, ACC-APG facilities manager. "A single heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit was installed which involved the removal of the entire ceiling and an unexpected asbestos abatement. Division D personnel will enjoy the upgraded restrooms, tiled floors and the new windows which bring more light. The eight new windows were installed in openings cut through the 12-inch thick exterior wall, which was a significant accomplishment. Despite the complexity of this renovation, it went extremely smooth and I'm pleased with the results."

The open house gave other ACC-APG division staffs an opportunity to tour the new facility and to scope out employee work areas. One visitor was Jeff Ralls, career development specialist with the Enterprise Resources Division. He recalled working in bay 2 as a military member, which still displays the murals painted by the Bravo Company "Bulldogs" of the 16th Ordnance Battalion.

"From 1996 to 1998, I worked in this building as a senior drill sergeant with the Ordnance School," Ralls said. "Each week, buses rolled up in the back parking lot with Army Soldiers rotating in from basic training ready to begin their advanced individual training. I spent numerous hours within this building taking care of Soldiers while they were at the school and preparing them for their follow-on assignments. The work that I did within these walls taught me so much about time management, supervising and interacting with varied personality types."

Also during the open house, 14 Division D employees were recognized for their contributions to the ACC-APG mission: Terry Blevins, quality assurance specialist; Sabrinna Cosom, contract specialist; Ralph Kaminski, contract specialist; Shirley Kelly, business specialist; Paula Kestler, contract specialist; Dennis Libershal, contract specialist; Thomas Marousek, lead contract specialist; Terry McBee, procurement analyst; Rebecca Mitchem, contract specialist; Theresa Quick, lead contract specialist; Jeffrey Schoerner, supervisory contract specialist; Carol Tyree, lead contract specialist; Gregory Wagenknecht, supervisory contract specialist; and Mitzi Wall, lead contract specialist.

Also awarded for their support to the building renovation were two members of the Special Security, Logistics and Technology Division: Aaron Vandiver, procurement information analyst, and Tim Yingling.

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