Bulldogs beat down Medics, 28-6
Demetrius Morrow, player for the Bulldogs, runs past an opposing player during their first regular-season intramural football game at the Fort Rucker Physical Fitness Facility football field Sept. 24. The Bulldogs beat the Medics 28-6.

FORT RUCKER, Ala. (September 26, 2013) -- Fort Rucker's 2013 Intramural Football Season kicked off Sept. 23 as teams went head-to-head to set the tone for the season.

The 6th Military Police Detachment Bulldogs beat the Medics, made up of Soldiers from Lyster Army Health Clinic and the U.S. Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory, 28-6 in their first regular-season game.

"It feels great to win," said Sgt. Cameron Moyer, co-captain of the Bulldogs. "We went and executed on both sides of the ball and we got off to a rough start, but we came back."

The game started as the Medics won the coin toss and elected to kickoff.

The Bulldogs received and got off to a slow start with only a 10-yard return, and were worse off as they threw an interception during the first play of the game to give possession to their opponents.

The Medics weren't faring any better with a false start costing the team yards, followed by an interception that allowed the Bulldogs to bounce back with a 50-yard return.

With only 40 yards to the goal line, the 6th MP detachment took advantage of the opportunity, and scored the first touchdown and extra point just minutes into the game.

The Medics took possession determined to get into the game, but the Bulldog's defense proved too strong as they took their opponents to a 4th down, forcing a punt.

As slow as the Bulldogs offense started, they more than made up for it with an aggressive play style by breaking through the Medics defensive lines to advance toward the end zone. A 40-yard pass on the next play sealed their next touchdown and extra point to extend their lead, 14-0 with five minutes remaining in the first half.

The Medics fired back with a 25-yard return on the kick, followed by a 45-yard play that put them within 10 yards of the goal line.

The Bulldogs held the line hard to keep their opponents at the 1-yard-line, but were unable to keep them from their first touchdown.

Finally on the scoreboard, the Lyster and USAARL team decided to try for the 2-point conversion, but the 6th MP Detachment had other plans and kept their opponents from any extra points.

The Bulldogs received the kick at the two-minute warning, but the Medics defense tightened up, and penalty after penalty kept the 6th MP detachment from advancing and ended the first half, 14-6.

The Medics had the advantage going into the second half as they received the kick, but they were unable to move up on their opponents. And despite a 4th down, they decided to push for the 1st down but were unsuccessful, turning the ball over and putting the Bulldogs within 30 yards of the goal line.

The 6th MP Detachment took this opportunity to extend their lead and within two plays found themselves in the opposing end zone once again to extend their lead, 21-6.

As time ran down, the Medics had their work cut out for them if they wanted to get back into the game, but the Bulldogs were able to stop them at every turn and even score another touchdown before the clock ran out, ending the game 28-6.

"We had a rough start, but we bounced back nicely," said Moyer. "This is just the beginning and we've got a long way to go ahead of us, but we can just go up from here."

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