Incheon Airport
Incheon Airport is ultramodern in its design and has been recognized as one of the finest international airports in the world.

INCHEON, Republic of Korea - When you arrive in Korea at Incheon International Airport, one thing is almost certain - you will be tired and wish you were anywhere else rather than dealing with paperwork.

All incoming personnel must first process through the 1st Replacement Company desk at the airport.

Inbound Army personnel must use the 1RC bus to Yongsan Garrison. Soldiers have to use this form of transportation, unless a sponsor has obtained prior clearance from 1RC.

This policy applies to staff sergeants and below. Senior noncommissioned officers and officers can be picked up by a sponsor if they get prior clearance. For information, call 723-6452, or commercial 0505-723-6452.

At Incheon International Airport, newcomers are met by U.S. Forces Korea reception personnel at the baggage claim area. Do not, under any circumstances, try to bring weapons or contraband into Korea. While the customs inspectors are pleasant and helpful, they are also very thorough. Contraband, such as drugs and deer antlers, will get you in trouble not only with the Koreans but also the U.S. Military Police.

If you do not see the reception personnel in the terminal, go through the entire customs and immigration and baggage claim process with your leave form, orders and identification card ready. For civilians only, make sure your passport is stamped. You should look for the U.S. Military Liaison Office located near Gate 14.

There are several exits out of the baggage claim area. If you are unsure which exit is correct, go ahead and depart any exit. You should read the monitors located above the exit doors. Your flight number will
be posted with an exit door letter. If you have exited the wrong way, don't worry, you will be able to easily walk to the correct exit.

Once you have met your sponsor, they will most likely take you directly to your lodging, but please check-in to 1RC first; additionally, they
will also be able to advise you of when and where you need to go for in-processing and orientation.

For civilians only, if you need to go to Yongsan on your own, go through any of the exit doors. You can either take a taxi (expensive) or the Dragon Hill Lodge shuttle (free) to Yongsan Garrison. If you wish to take the bus, look for signs to the USO desk, located at Gate 14.

If the USO desk is open, they can tell you when the bus to Yongsan is departing. Since you will be in permanent change of station status, you and your family members will have priority above anyone else wishing to ride the bus, aside from any others in PCS status.

If you take a Korean taxi, be sure to have Korean currency. Try to select a cab which has clearly visible identification about both the driver and vehicle. A taxi ride to post will cost about $50-$60.

After arriving on-post, all Army personnel must report to the 1RC/YRC, Bldg. 4034 next to the Dragon Hill Lodge. You will have a short briefing, and then check into lodging.

Locations for in-processing vary depending upon branch of service. Your military liaison or sponsor (for non-Army personnel) should know when and where you will need to go.

<b>U.S. Army</b> - Army personnel will need to in-process at 1st Replacement Company (across the parking lot from the Dragon Hill Lodge). Call 723-6452.

<b>U.S. Air Force</b> - Members of the Air Force will need to in-process with the Air Force Element. Call 723-8389.

<b>U.S. Navy</b> - Naval personnel begin their time in Yongsan with the Personnel Support Detachment on Main Post. Please call 723-4651.

<b>U.S. Marine Corps</b> - Marines arriving in Seoul in-process with the Administrative Office on Main Post. For information, call 723-7032.


Passengers travelling on foreign airlines at the Incheon International Airport should use the newly-opened terminal building. Until now, both domestic and foreign airlines have used the existing terminal.

Arriving at the existing terminal, passengers of foreign airlines should go through check-in and departure procedure, and get on STARLINE (shuttle railway) at the underground of terminal to move to the new terminal building. It takes about 10 minutes to get to the terminal building including walking.

During arrival, take STARLINE at the terminal building, move to the existing terminal and go through the arrival procedure.

Check-in counters on third floor of the existing terminal will be rearranged. In the past, check-in counters of Korean Air and Asiana Airlines were located on the east side and foreign airlines were on the west side. However, Asiana Airlines will move to the west and foreign airlines will move to the center.

Unlike the existing terminal, the newly-built terminal building is equipped with facilities only for departure and arrival procedures. It has two stories below and five above the ground. Among 30 gates of the terminal building, three are available for the world's largest passenger plane-A380.

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