Partnership advances with the addition of a liaison
Frank P. Taraborelli Jr. (left), contracting liaison from the Product Management Office for Radars, works closely with Mark West, branch chief from Division C of the Army Contracting Command " Aberdeen Proving Ground. As a collaborative effort, the two organizations formed the liaison position to serve as a bridge between the program office and the contracting office. (Photo by Betsy Kozak-Howard)

ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. - Collaboration, via the addition of a liaison position, was the key to the successful award of five year-end contracts for the Army Contracting Command -- Aberdeen Proving Ground in support of the Program Executive Office for Missiles and Space, officials said.

According to Gregory L. Davies, chief of ACC-APG's Division C, this type of collaboration was envisioned in the 2007 Gansler report on Army contracting.

The report recommended that contracting personnel need an effective customer interface that performs the type of function an acquisition management staff officer performs."The report further defined the customer interface role as someone who could be a bridge between the program office and the contracting office in order to translate requirements into statements of work that quickly and seamlessly can be placed on contract," Davies said.

ACC-APG's Division C put this recommendation into practice and has seen impressive results, according to Davies. As a joint effort, the two organizations established the liaison position to strengthen the acquisition process leading to awarding contracts. The objective was to create a senior-level reach-back capability to serve as the link between both organizations.

The liaison is assigned to PEO Missiles and Space, but located with Division C and Mark West, contracting branch chief, sees the advantages of this union.

"Having a liaison position imbedded within ACC-APG provided more exposure to the program office and the customer's unique requirements," said West. "This exposure enhanced communication, improved understanding and led to an increased level of collaboration."

Frank P. Taraborelli Jr., Product Management Office for Radars liaison, reported to work within ACC-APG in April 2013.

"I haven't been in the position long but this partnership has already yielded big dividends," Taraborelli said. "The good working relationship between PM Radars and ACC-APG has evolved even stronger."

As a result of this collaborative effort, the team obligated $521 million in contract awards in the third quarter of fiscal year 2013, West said.

"We've made great strides and as this partnership continues, I'm confident we'll achieve even greater accomplishments. This teaming has produced results and is working great," Taraborelli said.

Having the liaison within ACC-APG has been a win-win situation, according to West.

"Frank has vast experience and he is able to address the issues," West explained. "He attends our division chief meetings and we attend the product manager meetings. With a knowledgeable expert on hand, we are able to solve issues within hours that used to take days to resolve. It also helps that Frank has prior contract specialist experience and understands our work."

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