53rd Signal Battalion modernizes accountability
Spc. Paul Uldriks, 53rd Signal Battalion, Satellite Communication controller, locates and removes repair parts from storage locations for issue to maintainers. The items are color coded for identification.

WAHIAWA, Hawaii. -- The U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command/Army Forces Strategic Command's ongoing Wideband Satellite Operations Center modernization efforts are improving processes and overall operations for 53rd Signal Battalion.

One area that required modernization was the accountability and management of spares and repair parts, formerly known as Prescribe Load List, now known as Shop Stock List and Bench Stock List.

D Company, 53rd Signal Bn. the first unit to be "modernized," was also the first to receive spares and repair parts. Many of the items are commercial off-the-shelf, but with unique Department of Defense strategic satellite communication equipment, accountability and management became a challenge.

The unit transitioned from manual receipts and spreadsheets to using Army standard logistics information systems. With support from the 53rd Signal Bn. S-4, the unit identified the equipment that in some cases required detailed research.

Once the items were identified, the data was entered into the parts/supply management application in the Standard Army Maintenance System-Enhanced (SAMS-1E) V1, AN/TYQ-139. The SAMS-1E is the Army Field Level maintenance and repair parts system of record. Once the unit met the Army standard they went one step further.

Chief Warrant Officer 3 Kortney Johnson, 53rd Signal Bn. property book officer, explains, "Under the guidance of 1st Lt. Rena Guerrero, D Co. executive officer, Staff Sgt. Donald Magnuson and Staff Sgt. Damon Dienhart established a system for shop stock to maintain on-hand parts, sorted and color coded by subsystem, with parts arranged as they are found on the equipment. This system simplifies the process of locating replacement parts in a timely manner."

The Soldiers and civilians assigned to D Co. and the 53rd Signal Bn. S-4 are leading the way in support of the command, and the Army's campaign on property and equipment accountability.

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