FALLS CHURCH, Va. (Sept. 13, 2013) -- This week, the U.S. Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) officially launched the pilot program for Army Medicine's Performance Triad of activity, nutrition and sleep.

"Army Medicine recognizes the integral role that activity, nutrition, and sleep play in optimal personal and unit performance, resilience and readiness. We believe a culture change in how we focus on these areas is critical to maintaining a healthy and ready force," said the Army Surgeon General and Commanding General of the MEDCOM, Lt. Gen. Patricia Horoho.

The Performance Triad Pilot Program is focused on squad leader and unit training. This includes weekly squad leader lead training, leader development training and Sergeant's Time training. Squad leaders will be taught how to minimize injury risk, enhance physical readiness training, and minimize barriers to making healthy behavioral changes by leveraging technology such as; personal readiness devices, mobile applications, and Web-based resources. Master Resilience Trainers at the unit level will assist Soldiers and squad leaders in setting and reaching individual health goals and applying resilience concepts to motivate Soldiers to achieve their health goals.

"With the Performance Triad, Army Medicine hopes to help develop a sustainable, unit-driven program that optimizes activity, nutrition, and sleep to meet the needs of leaders, Soldiers and Families and supports an overall system of healthy behaviors," said Maj. Darryl Metcalf, who is a part of the MEDCOM's Performance Triad working group.

"In order to embed the tenets of the Performance Triad into the Army's culture, we ultimately seek to ensure that the training and program is published within Army policy and doctrine and integrated into institutional training to promote healthy lifestyles," said Metcalf.

The Performance Triad Pilot Program will be conducted with three battalion sized elements of varying capabilities: I Corps at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Wash., started its pilot on Sept. 9; III Corps, Ft. Bliss, Tx., will start on Sept. 30; and XVIII Airborne Corps at Ft. Bragg, N.C. will start on Oct. 28. The pilot programs will conclude in April 2014.

To facilitate synergy and maximize efforts, the Performance Triad team is partnered with Army Medicine's Patient Centered Medical Home, physical therapy, nutrition care, and Army Move! Additionally, the team is integrating with installation dining facilities, Go for Green initiative, and using the Military Nutrition Environment Assessment Tool to ensure healthy food options are available.

Obesity, chronic disease and overall rising healthcare costs are a national concern and one that the Department of Defense shares. These issues represent challenges to the readiness of our Army, the Army Surgeon General said.

"It's critical that the Army lead the way in ensuring a healthier force and a healthier nation," said Horoho.

The results of the pilot program will be presented to the Army Chief of Staff and the Secretary of the Army to seek approval for Army-wide implementation.

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