SCHOFIELD BARRACKS, Hawaii -- The Army physical fitness program's main goal is to provide Soldiers with a balanced training program that prepares them for the rigors of combat and training.
For most, daily PT is all that is needed to keep fit and combat ready, but some Solders look for a more challenging daily workout. Now they may be in luck.

Introducing Club Lightning STRIKE (Support Triathlon Kinetic Elite), an endurance club open to those who think they have what it takes to go the extra mileā€¦or eight!

"The club meets several intents," said 1st Lt. Christopher Foster, Club Lightning STRIKE team captain, "but, mainly, it offers a community for Soldiers above the Army standards of fitness."

Foster, who got into triathlons after going through his first deployment with some unhealthy habits like smoking and too much caffeine, was inspired to get healthy and start training after reading about a few 100-miler runners.

"When you look at what people are capable of, it's pretty amazing," he said. "Most people don't know how far they can actually go."

Members of the team find out quickly find their limits. A typical workout includes two hours of cardio a day.

"The majority of workouts center around running," he continued. "If you're good at running you will get better at everything else."

Most runs average around 8-12 miles, but because the club is triathlon based, members may do a 30 minute run, a 30 minute swim, followed by an hour run. Fridays are intermediate triathlon days: swim .9 miles, cycle 25 miles, then run 6.2 miles.

"Most of us were already getting up around 4 a.m. to run 8-10 miles before regular PT," he said. "With the team, we can use our time more efficiently."

Members also enjoy the variety of training locations along the North shore.

"With typical PT you are often running along the same street, same hill, same road and aren't getting challenged like you would with a new location," he said.

If you are a long distance cycler, runner, or swimmer, the team may be a great alternative for you. However, Foster gives a word of caution to those interested.

"The team is built around people who are already at the tri-athlete fitness level. If you are looking for weight loss, a good body, or attempting to get out of regular PT, the team is not for you.

"We have an exploratory perspective," he continued. "The point of a team like this is to push each other, and see what we can really do!"

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