<p><i>Comrades in arms wed couple when mobilization threatens to intervene</i></p><p>PHOENIX - When most Soldiers find out their unit is being mobilized and will soon deploy, all-important life plans are put on hold. When a wedding is one of those events, some couples head to the courthouse for an uneventful exchange of vows with a justice of the peace, and then they return the next day or week with wedding rings and simply "drive on," as the Army saying goes.</p><p>The scenario, however, doesn't have to be this way. Providing proof of this fact is the close-knit 301st Military Intelligence Battalion, 500th MI Brigade. </p><p>Upon learning that Pvt. Brandon Manygoats, and his fiancAfA, Charity, were headed for that uneventful courthouse exchange, members of the battalion stepped in. </p><p> "This was not an M-16 (hasty) wedding," said Master Sgt. Tina Kennedy, A Company first sergeant. "They were supposed to get married a few months from now, but the mobilization interfered with it." </p><p>Leading the wedding charge was Staff Sgt. Kelly Greene, A Co.'s supply noncommissioned officer and unofficial unit wedding planner. </p><p>Instead of the courthouse, Greene planned for Manygoats' wedding to be held in the unit's courtyard. </p><p> "Once the plan was approved, I decided the green grass (of the unit's courtyard) would be a better location for a summer wedding," she said. </p><p>While the wedding took only a week to plan, guests and even Manygoats himself said the event felt like it had been planned for months. </p><p> "I liked the way it turned out," said Manygoats, who dated Charity for seven years before they were married and had a son, Cameron, together. "It was way more than I expected. I can't thank them enough for all the work and effort they put into this." </p><p> The wedding was just as special to the battalion's Soldiers. </p><p> "It was really sweet," said Spc. Kayla Berry, a supply specialist. "It was kind of traditional, except it was at the unit." </p><p>As with all weddings, this one came with a reception, first dance, and a "just married" vehicle. </p><p> "It was just amazing what they put together," said Kennedy. "They put in a lot of time and extra effort to make it look amazing. It was crazy cool." </p>

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