Performance Triad Stand-Up for Health Training Day
"Stand-Up for Health" mandatory training introduces the Performance Triad to all of Army Medicine. The Performance Triad provides the foundational road map upon which Soldiers and their Families can make healthy life choices through Activity, Nutrition and Sleep (ANS).

Last month, the Army Surgeon General and commander U.S. Army Medical Command (MEDCOM) Lt. Gen. Patricia Horoho officially announced Army Medicine's System for Health and the Performance Triad during a MEDCOM-wide Stand Up For Health Training Day.

In a call to action, Horoho challenged Army Medicine leaders to change the way they think about healthcare delivery. The System for Health represents a paradigm shift from a health care system focused on disease, to a system focused on prevention; to sustain health, readiness and resiliency. The key tenants of the Performance Triad -- activity, nutrition and sleep -- provide the foundational road map upon which Soldiers and their families can make healthy life choices.

"As we wind down from nearly 12 years of combat operations, we -- as an Army and as a nation -- have a golden opportunity to reset, refit and refocus. That focus should be on maintaining, restoring and improving health -- using improved physical activity, nutrition and sleep habits to foster increased readiness and resilience," said Horoho who spoke to her leaders worldwide via video teleconference from Ft. Leavenworth, Kan.

The Stand Up For Health Training Day (SUFHTD) documents/videos are available via the Army Medicine homepage and clicking at
The following items are available:
• TSG Video 'A Fireside Chat on Moving Towards a System for Health'
• TSG's Talk from SUFHTD
• Activity Video
• Nutrition Video
• Sleep Video
• Technology Video
• Stand Up for Health Training Day Slide Deck

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