Be Counted
Installation adjutant general Ronnie McDaniel is the assistant senior voting officer for Redstone.

In case you haven't noticed, this is a pivotal time in America's history - a general election year.

And all you have to do to participate is vote.

Installation adjutant general Ronnie McDaniel serves as the assistant senior voting officer for Redstone. Joe Winston, the Garrison's director of human resources, is the senior voting officer.

"One should vote because it's important for everyone to exercise their right as citizens of the United States of America. And in doing so, they let their voice be heard," McDaniel said.

He pulls out a 466-page manual titled the "2008-09 Voting Assistance Guide," published by the Federal Voting Assistance Program under the Department of Defense. Each of the nearly 30 voting assistance officers throughout Redstone has a copy.

"In a nutshell, (this program) is our requirement to provide information and assist Soldiers, family members and civilians in obtaining required voting information be it absentee balloting, dates of elections, those types of things," McDaniel said. "We are here to assist in the voting program, not only for Army but DoD as well."

Armed Forces Voting Week is Aug. 31 through Sept. 7 when there will be a push to ensure all Soldiers, family members and civilians are informed "so they can make their vote count," he said.

Voting information tables have been set up throughout the year at three locations: the Redstone Bowling Center, the Post Exchange mall (near the vehicle registration office between the PX and Commissary), and in the Officers and Civilians Club.

The tables will be up through the presidential election scheduled Tuesday, Nov. 4. The 56th consecutive quadrennial presidential election will select the president and vice president of the United States.

This election will coincide with the 2008 Senate elections in 33 states, House of Representatives elections in all states, and gubernatorial elections in 11 states, as well as various state referendums and local elections.

"Every organization on the installation has a voting assistance officer who can answer your questions or provide additional assistance," McDaniel said. "We want to make sure everyone's vote counts. Therefore, we ask you to please contact your voting assistance officer should you need assistance or have any questions about the program."

Voting assistance officers, and their phone numbers, include the following:
Aca,!Ac AMCOM/Garrison: 1st Sgt. Paul Grosch 842-7091
Aca,!Ac Ordnance Munitions and Electronics Maintenance School: Desiree Burgess-Fields, headquarters OMEMS, 876-9527; Capt. Bernita Briggs, 59th Ordnance Brigade, 876-6627; Chief Warrant Officer 4 Anthony Caudle 955-6794, Staff Sgt. Edward Cruz 842-7808, Sgt. 1st Class Richard Stevens 876-9367, Sgt. 1st Class Walter Latham 876-6790, Staff Sgt. Tommy Haygood 842-9668 and Sgt. 1st Class Christopher Robar 876-7070, all of HHC 59th; 1st Lt. Jacob Quinn, Headquarters & Alpha, 955-7021; 2nd Lt. Wayne D. Rogers 842-0607 and Staff Sgt. Mathew Denbow 842-0609, both of Bravo Company; 2nd Lt. Susana Ash, Charlie Company, 876-6997; Sgt. Stephen Ross 842-2898 and Addie Johnson 842-2902, both of NCO Academy
Aca,!Ac Space and Missile Defense Command: Sarah Trial 955-3352 and Sgt. 1st Class Willie Kelly 955-5844 Aca,!Ac 8th Brigade, ROTC: Master Sgt. Alex Taylor 876-1310
Aca,!Ac Marine Corps Detachment: Staff Sgt. Brian Walker 876-1691
Aca,!Ac 902nd Military Intelligence Detachment: Capt. Kelly D. Van Veldhuizen 876-7746
Aca,!Ac MEDDAC/DENTAC: Maj. Elizabeth Vinson 955-8888, ext. 1150
Aca,!Ac Logistics Support Activity: Sgt. 1st Class Michelle Perrin 313-2469 and Master Sgt. Devin Roberts 955-0526 Aca,!Ac Letterkenny Army Depot, Pa.: Sgt. Curtis Green (717) 267-8301
Aca,!Ac Corpus Christi Army Depot, Texas: Paul Boardingham (361) 961-2606
Aca,!Ac Legal Office: Capt. Alyson Mortier 876-9005

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