Fishermen's joust
During Bamberg's Sandkerwa, which takes place at the Sandstrasse Aug. 22 through 26, there will be a fishermen's joust Aug. 25 at 3 p.m. This is a popular event and spectators should arrive early for a good vantage of the action.

BAMBERG, Germany (Aug. 15, 2013) -- Bamberg's world-famous Sandkerwa will be held Aug. 22 through 26 and will draw 300,000 visitors from all over the world to Bamberg's Sandstrasse. The Sandkerwa is the "most popular event" in Bamberg, according to a recent survey of Bamberg citizens.

The Sandkerwa features the Fishermen's Joust, a spectacular tradition which goes back to the 15th century and is a highlight of the festivities. This year, the joust will be held on Aug. 25 at 3 p.m. People who would like to watch the joust are advised to be there early. The joust is held in the middle of the Regnitz river and can best be viewed from along Am Kranen, Untere Bruecke and Am Leinritt.

Visitors of the Sandstrasse and its neighboring alleys and streets will not find carnival rides in the traditional Sandkerwa area. Instead, families and children can enjoy rides and carnival games at the Markusplatz.

For J├╝rgen Wirth, the managing director of the Sandkerwa Event GmbH, it is the "most beautiful of all fairs." The fest once celebrated the consecration of the little St. Elisabeth Church, a medieval hospital's chapel in Bamberg's Sand District in 1354.

"The Sandstrasse area is packed during the fest, thousands of people are crowding the sand area, but it's still safe to enjoy the fest," said Wirth. "We have 62 years of experience with this mega event."

Visitors should take advantage of public transportation systems and the Sandkerwa Express, which connects even distant villages like Zapfendorf, Debring, Gundelsheim, Buttenheim, Heiligenstadt, Wuergau, Ebern and many others with the fest site.

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