YONGSAN GARRISON -- The number of cases of inappropriate use of government vehicles has steadily increased across the garrison, and USAG Yongsan wants all personnel to be aware of the proper and legitimate use of the non-tactical vehicles (NTV) to prevent waste of resources and abuse of privileges.

With Yongsan's vast size and mountainous terrain, soldiers and civilians can easily be tempted by the convenience of using NTVs for transportation. However, non-official use of these vehicles is illegal.

"In the past year I have seen an increase in NTV abuse," said Staff Sgt. Juan Rodriguez, Transportation Motor Pool operations NCOIC. "I think people tend to misuse government vehicles for convenience, especially during the extremely hot or cold weather."

According to Army Regulation 58-1, the use of Army-owned or controlled
Non-tactical vehicles (NTVs) is strictly restricted to official purposes only. The transport of personnel between their home and place of employment, and the personal use of NTVs to Commissaries, Post Exchange, banks and food courts is prohibited.

"People who misuse government vehicles often park close to Gate 13, by the Navy Club, walk out to go home, drive-thru for fast food and go to the gym," Rodriguez said. "Misuse is just not the right thing to do, and if you are coming TDY, you can use a government vehicle, but you have to use it right."

Army Regulation stipulates that military personnel who willfully use or authorize the use of any U.S. Government owned vehicle may be disciplined under provisions of the Uniform Code of Military Justice or other administrative procedures deemed appropriate. Civilian employees shall be suspended from duty, without compensation, for not less than 1 month, and suspended for a longer period or removed from office if circumstances warrant.

"Any part of travel between domicile to duty is not authorized in a government vehicle," said Mr. Roger Kennedy, Chief of Supply and Services/Deputy Director of Logistics. He also explained that Class B is a permanent or long-term dispatch and Class C is for daily or weekly uses.

The U.S. Code of Federal regulations requires a mandatory 30 day suspension for misuse of a government vehicle. By federal law, the penalty cannot be reduced. Stopping by the bank, the PX or fast food using government vehicles would be considered inappropriate use of a government vehicle, and the drivers, no matter what rank, are subject to the mandatory penalty.

Rodriguez said those who sign out a vehicle are responsible for all use of that NTV.

"If someone lets another driver use it and they abuse the privilege, the person who checked the vehicle out from us is responsible for that violation, "Rodriguez said. "Get the other drivers to sign a hand receipt before using the Vehicle. Then that driver will be the one held accountable and losing privileges for 30 days or more."

A transportation Coordinator Orientation Briefing is offered once a quarter to promote proper use of government vehicles to civilians and service members. For further information about the training, contact Staff Sgt. Rodriguez at DSN 738-5522.

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