Humphreys Theatre presents 'Kiss Me, Kate'
The Camp Humphreys Community Theatre presented "Kiss Me, Kate," July 26-28, in the Community Activity Center. The cast and crew, including Tori Jajvan, Logan Archer, Larry Williams and Andre Crosby, put in well over 1,600 volunteer hours to make the procution a reality.

CAMP HUMPHREYS -- "Kiss Me, Kate" was a fun-filled, creative, and entertaining production put on by the Camp Humphreys Community Theater, July 26--28, in the Community Activity Center. The show had a terrific start, with singing and dancing and continued to be energetic and enjoyable. This modern adaption of the "Taming of the Shrew" was sprinkled with song and dance and had colorful sets and costumes.

"It's great," said audience member Laura Perez. "(I thought it was) hilarious and very entertaining. They did really well with the high notes and everything." Directed by Sara Jane Isom, "Kiss Me, Kate" is a "play within a play" with Shakespeare's "The Taming of the Shrew" entwined throughout the entire theme of this musical production.

The principle characters of the show, "Kate," (played by Tabitha Humphrey) and her ex-husband "Fred," (played by Aaron Isom), have a strained working relationship in the theater because they both have leading roles in the "Shrew." In addition, Fred is also the director and producer of the show. With their lives being reflected in the Shakespearean play, there's plenty of room for upset, arguments, and commotion as the story unfolds. In the end, Kate does get kissed.

"It takes a lot of dedication to do singing, dancing, and acting," said Sara Jane Isom. The cast and crew worked three days a week for about six weeks and put in well over 1,600 volunteer hours with everyone involved. "It's a great thing for people to have around (this community theatre), it boosts the arts and it's great for the community to be able to have some wholesome entertainment," Aaron Isom added.

On the final night, after the last curtain call, the director was called to the stage to give a few remarks. In doing so, she said, "We couldn't do it without the audienceā€¦and we really appreciate the support of the community."

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