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Chemical Leak at Blue Grass Army Depot

Blue Grass Chemical Activity, Richmond, KY - Army officials confirmed today that a mobile laboratory conducting a routine daily check of the ambient air under a containment shroud within one of the chemical agent storage igloos tested positive for the nerve agent GB (Sarin). The igloo contains three GB ton containers and several secondary waste drums. The igloo has been continuously filtered and monitored daily since a leak was identified and sealed in August 2007. This new detection of low level agent vapors originated from the monitoring point associated with the same ton container which leaked in 2007. All deteriorating ton containers and the associated waste drums are scheduled for neutralization soon under Operation Swift Solution.
Experienced toxic chemical workers are planning to enter the igloo dressed in appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to make a physical inspection of the ton container, identify the source of the leak, and correct it. All worker and public safety precautions will be in place prior to entry. The igloo will remain under continuous filtration to ensure that any agent vapor within the igloo cannot escape to the outside atmosphere. State and County officials as well as the public will be updated consistent with existing agreements to ensure transparency.
This leak is not a danger to the community or the environment. Madison County, surrounding counties, and Kentucky emergency management officials were notified immediately of the vapor detection and will be continuously updated of any new developments.

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