Thousands of people from Iowa and Illinois looked to the sky June 21-22, but not in search of the next storm that would push the waters of the Mississippi and other local rivers further over their banks. They instead looked up at a perfect blue sky to watch the Quad City Air Show at the Davenport Municipal Airport.

The show featured the Army Golden Knights parachute team, the Navy Blue Angels and the Blue Angels "Fat Albert," A C-130T turboprop operated by an 8-person Marine crew.

TACOM, specifically the Weapons PSID, also had a part to play in the air show with a small arms display and a Bradley Fighting Vehicle. A popular stop for dads, their sons, and young men was the small arms table, which held demonstration models of the M249 Squad Automatic Weapon, M240B machine gun, M110 machine gun, M107 .50 cal sniper rifle, M2 .50 cal machine gun, MK 19 grenade launcher, M16A2 rifle, an M4 carbine with an M203 grenade launcher and an 81MM mortar. While the acrobats of the sky performed for the air show crowds, the TACOM display attracted crowds of its own throughout the weekend. Kids enjoyed climbing on the Bradley, and adults found it a great place to watch the show.

However, the biggest draw of the weekend for TACOM was the Apache helicopter, flown in by CW4 Jeff Brummer and Mr. Gary Dean from PM Apache in Huntsville, Ala.

"It was so well received. The Apache was a major attraction," said Pam Gettert, who organized this year's TACOM display at the air show. "We had people asking for (Brummer and Dean's) autographs. People asked to have their pictures taken with the pilots."

Other performers included a variety of air acrobat teams, wing walkers and and B2 flyover. The Shock Wave Jet Truck, which holds the full-sized truck speed record of 376 miles per hour, participated in a truck-plane race. The Shock Wave lost, but not by much. Other entertainment included displays, games and food for every member of the family.

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