CAMP DARBY, Italy - Camp Darby military units joined together with their peers of the Italian Base Command and Soldiers of the Folgore Brigade July 25 to take part in a Leadership Reaction Course at the Folgore Training Area, Lustrissimi.

"This type of training is fundamental in enforcing reciprocal confidence, both from a psychological and physical point of view," said Italian Base Commander, Col. Raffaele Iubini. "The Soldiers have to trust their counterparts and help each other in order to pursue the objective of the training."

The Leadership Reaction Course is an outdoor training event designed to enhance leadership abilities and reaction to difficult and demanding situations, which teams must assess and overcome on very short notice.

"Fifteen structured obstacles encouraged participants to think, react, work as a team and solve problems in a determined period of time," said course facilitator, Cpl. Giacinto Tufilli.

Tufilli said leaders were given a one minute briefing during which they received a mission they were to execute within six minutes. Their responses were immediately followed by three-minute after action reports.

"The obstacles themselves present a challenging and unique learning environment, with mental and physical obstacles that can only be overcome with leadership and teamwork," said Iubini.

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