Army Go Green Graphic

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA -- Power management settings are being remotely applied to all non-mission critical workstations and laptops running on Army controlled networks in South Korea now through 26 July.

"We are implementing these changes in support of the Army's efforts in becoming more energy efficient," said Paul H. Fredenburgh III, commander of 1st Signal Brigade.

The change in settings will put computer systems in hibernate mode after 30 minutes of inactivity. Users will have to push the power buttons on their workstations and wait approximately 10 seconds to be able to resume work. The changes are estimated to reduce computer device power consumption by 53%.

Users are also requested to turn off peripheral devices, such as, printers, scanners, digital senders, and copiers when not in use and during non-duty hours.

"Our host nation is currently experiencing an energy shortage and we are operating in times of fiscal uncertainty. We are dedicated to doing our part in conserving our environmental resources and being good stewards of taxpayers' dollars," said Fredenburgh.

Users should contact their unit Information Management Officers for more information or to address questions and concerns.

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