ANNISTON ARMY DEPOT, Ala. -- I Care Cards have become an important tool for employees throughout Anniston Army Depot.

Developed in 2011, the cards are a way for the workforce to ensure safety issues are reported and a solution is implemented.

"In our Voluntary Protection Program, we tell employees about the I Care Card and encourage them to use it," said Wallace Gallahar of the depot's VPP team.

One of the buildings in the depot's Nichols Industrial Complex immediately put the cards to use, correcting many of the safety issues employees and supervisors saw in the work areas.

Each card consists of three parts - white, yellow and pink. The white part stays with the reporting person when they hand it to their supervisor.

The supervisor keeps the yellow copy after filling out any additional information needed and sends the pink copy to the Safety Office.

"It's all about accountability," said Gallahar.

The supervisor then has 48 hours to address the issue, though Gallahar emphasizes the fact that the issue does not have to be corrected in that time.

Addressing the issue may take the form a work order or service order or it may be that the supervisor has to research the issue or involve other organizations to find an appropriate solution.

So far, 80 issues have been turned in to the Safety Office.

"On average, we receive four or five I Care Cards a week now," said Gallahar. "We've had cards from the Legal Office and the Business Office as well as the shops."

Bigger issues must be processed through the proper channels before changes or repairs can be implemented, but Gallahar said each issue is taken seriously and tracked.

Forms may be retrieved in the safety/respiratory equipment facility or through the Safety Office, which can be contacted at Ext. 7541.

"This is a great way for employees to get involved in safety," said Gallahar. "Everyone should give it a shot."

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