KAISERSLAUTERN, Germany- During a leisurely motorcycle ride through the Bavarian Alps, Sgts. 1st Class Cathleen Stadler-Frazier and Robert Frazier never expected their military training would be a crucial part of their weekend.

Cathleen Stadler-Frazier, an operations noncommissioned officer, 409th Contracting Support Brigade, and husband Robert Frazier, operations NCO, 5th Military Police Battalion, were part of an organized annual motorcycle ride through the Bavarian Alps. During their ride, they noticed a wrecked motorcycle lying on the ground with fluid leaking from it.

"I saw the scene and I thought that could be one of our own. I knew I had to help because I didn't see any medical people," Stadler-Frazier said. She had served in the medical field prior to transitioning to contracting.

As others moved the accident victim off the street of the small village in which the accident occurred, the NCOs rushed to the scene to help.

Stadler-Frazier's military medical training kicked in as she got to the accident victim, while her husband took control of the pedestrians and traffic to secure a safe scene.

"When I first arrived, I thought of the worst-case scenarios," she said. "I immediately began thinking head injuries, bleeding and fractures. I had no idea what to expect. I began taking control of the person's medical needs. I checked him for major injuries, and stayed with him until he was able to contact his riding partners and medical paramedics were able to get to the scene."

The accident victim, whom the Frazier's did not know personally, was an American Soldier and part of a 15-person organized bike ride. He sustained minor cuts to the face and bumps and bruises after running into a pole and being ejected from his bike.

The Fraziers stayed with the victim until local authorities arrived on the scene.

"We felt it was our duty to stay with him," she said. "We are in a foreign country and this was one of our own."

The patient was admitted to a local hospital and released two days later.

"It was a good thing he was wearing all of his motorcycle gear, or else this situation could have been a lot worse," she said.

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