SCOTT AIR FORCE BASE, Ill. -- After a highly successful first 10 years in existence, the Army Intermodal and Distribution Platform Management Office, also known as AIDPMO, will continue its support to the U.S. Army from a new location after transitioning from Tobyhanna Army Depot, Penn., to Scott Air Force Base, Ill.

Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command's Army container manager, AIDPMO was established in 2003 to address shortfalls in the Army's management of its container fleet. The relocation formally occurred June 3, with AIDPMO employees reporting to SDDC at Scott AFB on that date.

The AIDPMO move was a result of U.S. Army Audit Agency recommendations, and is the culmination of efforts that started with the organization's move under SDDC in 2008. The relocation of AIDPMO brings the last SDDC headquarters element to Scott AFB following the previous SDDC Base Realignment and Closure moves that took place through 2010. The move also co-locates AIDPMO with the SDDC Global Container Management office, bringing enhanced collaboration and a "single container management face" to SDDC customers.

"There is already great synergy between our container management teams," said Col. Glenn Baca, SDDC director of operations. "This move brings those teams closer together to speak with one voice, and will provide great benefits to our stakeholders for many years to come."

AIDPMO serves as the U.S. Army's single manager for the management, control and redistribution of Army-owned intermodal distribution platform assets to support Army requirements. This includes supporting Army container leases, managing the Army's container maintenance program, and providing Army container management system support, and extends to an Army fleet of more than 280,000 containers worth more than $2 billion. AIDPMO also provides container registration, system and inventory support to the Department of Defense.

While the primary objective of the AIDPMO move was to achieve operational efficiencies, SDDC officials added that there are other cost benefits that will be achieved over the long-term by not maintaining a separate SDDC office in a different location.

The AIDPMO fell into space already set aside for them in the SDDDC headquarters building, and thorough planning resulted in a smooth transition overall with no mission loss, said SDDC officials.

"The target was to continue providing world-class service to our Army customers," added Clay Carter, SDDC's deputy director of operations. "The team of experts at AIDPMO executed this move in a professional way that ensured success."

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