FORT MCPHERSON, Ga. - As Audrey Moss sits at her desk in U.S. Army Central's Resource Management Office her desk is adorned with pictures of her daughter who is in nursing school and Biblical quotes representing her faith.

Meeting her, one would see a kind person with a genuine smile who laughs with her coworkers but knows when it is time to get down to business as the phone rings and she begins to quote numbers.

The Senior Stock Fund Budget Analyst at USARCENT was awarded the Commander's Award for Civilian Service, June 18, for her exceptional service and the amount of money she has saved the government.

Moss' resume is impressive. Following in her mother's footsteps she began government service with the Internal Revenue Service in 1981 where she worked for a year. She then worked for Ft. McPherson's finance office and then the Defense Accounting Service both in Georgia and Orlando Florida. In 1998 she came to USARCENT.

Over the past nine years her achievements alone are impressive let alone the amount of money she has saved the government.

To truly understand her impact, one must know that USARCENT stock fund purchases account for about 48 percent of the Army's entire stock fund totals. Stock funds are all the supplies that are purchased, both for the USARCENT headquarters and the theater. Supplies range from a washer and nut, pens and paper to tank tracks, chopper blades, engines, armor, whatever the troops need.

"We have a big footprint in supply, not just locally but worldwide," Moss said. "What impacts us, impacts the world."

From, Oct. 1, 2003 to May 19, 2007, Moss retrieved approximately $320 million a year through her reconciliation efforts. These funds were able to be reused by USARCENT for new stock fund purchases thus increasing readiness to deployed combat forces in Iraq and Afghanistan.

When asked about the award and her job, Moss responds with humility.

"We just try to save money," she said. "We look over the supplies purchased in theatre and here at the headquarters and we try to do whatever cost avoidance we can."

In addition, Moss has done audits to uncover suspected fraudulent expenses or
those made that were out of Army regulation.

One such incident saved the Army nearly a half-billion dollars in cost avoidance through identification of errors in the Funds Control Module. According to the 2008 Posture Statement on the Funds Control Module, "FCM ensures the Army has the fully integrated logistical/financial process necessary to provide Commanders with online, real-time access to supply resources."

As a result of the errors she identified, USARCENT recommended that FCM use a reconciliation tool that will regain a capability lost when FCM replaced the former system. FCM is implementing this tool.
Amidst saving money, Moss has served as the Master Trainer for more than 100
military and civilian personnel on issues dealing with stock fund management. She received a plaque for being the top saver of funds for the Army at the Professional Development Institute for the American Society of Military Comptrollers in 2005.

She is also the team leader for the 2007 Assistant Secretary of the Army for Financial Management and Comptroller Top Resource Management Team Award for her leadership during the transition of USARCENT to the FCM.

When Moss came to USARCENT she worked with just one other person. Now
she has a team of 9 others.

In the true form of a good leader, Moss is humble about her achievements as she describes the team she works with.

"Even though I got the plaque and the recognition, I couldn't do this by myself," Moss said. "This is a team effort, we work together and we are like a puzzle. We just fit together. I have been very lucky to build the team that we have."

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