LMP Increment 2 Gets Milestone B "Stamp" of Approval

In June 2013, the Logistics Modernization Program (LMP) Increment 2 was approved for its Milestone B. This means that the program has properly submitted and received approval on key documentation and successfully completed Preliminary Design Reviews to further outline system requirements. It also means that the LMP Increment 2 is now baselined and can move into the Engineering Development Phase of the acquisition lifecycle.

As noted in previous editions of the EIS Communicator, this next LMP increment will deliver new and expanded capabilities to achieve Army Business Council Strategy and Department of Defense Enterprise Transition Plan objectives, as well as address strategic Business Transformation elements for the Army and DoD directive for Item Unique Identification.

In the acquisition world, Milestone B initiates the Engineering Development Phase, where a system is developed, technologies and capabilities are fully integrated, and preparations are made for implementation. To enter this phase, a program must have mature technology, approved requirements, full funding, and of course, pass Milestone B. As a program using the Business Capability Lifecycle (BCL) process like LMP, the Milestone Decision Authority must, among other things, approve the Business Case and the Acquisition Program Baseline in order to pass Milestone B in the acquisition lifecycle.

The LMP team put in a monumental effort to reach this milestone. From briefings and meeting coordination; to researching, writing, and editing dozens of BCL documents; to helping educate and inform leadership on all the great things the LMP Increment 2 will offer users and how it will support Soldiers…this effort was nothing less than stellar.

Congratulations to the entire LMP team on reaching Increment 2 Milestone B!

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