Flying Discs
The approach to the first hole of the disc golf course at Flat Rock Park in Columbus is shown as a disc golfer finishes his round on the 18th hole in the background. The 18-hole, par-59 course winds throughout Flat Rock Park and has holes that range in length from a 230-foot par-3 first hole to an 820-foot par-5 18th hole. The course is free to play.

FORT BENNING, Ga., (June 19, 2013) -- On Fort Benning, those who enjoy disc golf in their free time can take advantage of a nine-hole course at Russ Park.

However, there is also another option for disc golf in the area, as Flat Rock Park in Columbus offers 18 holes of disc golf that winds throughout a portion of the park.

The course is a par-59 course that measures roughly 6,400 feet in length. Most holes are par 3s, but the course does feature three par 4s ranging in length from 425 to 500 feet.

The course starts near the park's Friendship Hall with five par 3s. The fourth and fifth holes both feature basket placements that protect the baskets with trees on two sides, making accuracy important to making par or better on each hole.

The sixth hole is the course's longest par 4, a 500-foot hole that is played mostly across an open stretch of grass, providing an opportunity for skilled players to make a birdie.

The seventh and eighth holes are par 3s, set mostly within the trees of the park, making them challenging for beginners who struggle with accuracy off the tee.

Holes 11 through 17 all take place in a stretch of trees at Flat Rock, providing plenty of obstacles for players to avoid with precise throws.

Those holes eventually wind back towards the rest of the course, setting up players for the final and perhaps most visually appealing hole.

The 18th hole is the course's longest, an 820-foot par 5 that has players first throw across an open field of grass and then across some of the rock formations for which the park is named.

I've had the opportunity to play the course several times, and as a novice to the game of disc golf, I can say that it provides a significant challenge while also serving as a great place for beginners to hone their skills and learn the nuances of the game.

Also, the walk through the course provides players an opportunity to get some good exercise, as the course meanders through the park's treelines and also has plenty of picturesque scenery to admire.

With the temperatures on the rise as summer sets in, I recommend playing the course in the late afternoon, when the sun is beginning to set. This not only helps players stay cool, but also to enjoy the view of the setting sun above the park's trees, ponds and rock formations.

The course is open from sunrise to sunset every day, and is located at Flat Rock Park, 6106 Warm Springs Road, Columbus.

Course etiquette tips

• Let faster moving groups play through.

• Don't talk while another player is throwing.

• Don't move around if you are in view of someone putting.

• Don't throw trash on the course, including cigarette butts.

• Don't throw if you could hit someone in front of you.

• Don't throw until non-disc golfers are clear of danger areas.

• Don't yell obscenities. This is offensive to many people.

• Don't vandalize anything on the course or in the park.

• Don't write on baskets.

• Yell "fore" if someone could be hit by your throw.

• If you find a disc with a phone number, return it. That beat-up, dirty Leopard might be someone else's favorite disc that they've tuned to perfection.

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