Beatdown: Sluggers defeat SERE, 11-1
Matt Joiner, Sluggers player, rounds second base and heads for third during an intramural softball game at the Fort Rucker softball fields June 11. The D Co. Sluggers beat the SERE team, Why So SERE-ious?, 11-1.

FORT RUCKER, Ala. (June 13, 2013) -- Players prepped in the dugouts and pitchers warmed up their arms as teams got ready to take each other on at the Fort Rucker softball fields June 11.

The Survival, Evasion, Resist and Escape team, Why So SERE-ious?, took on the flight students from D Company's Sluggers in a game that ended early with the Sluggers on top, 11-1.

"It was a good win tonight," said Dan Prial, coach for the Sluggers. "We're just trying to fine-tune what we're trying to accomplish for the playoffs, and we're pretty excited because we've got a great group of guys and we want to see what we can do.

"We're fortunate enough to have a couple former ball players on our team," he continued. "Our strategy is to get those players to have as many at bats as possible, and from there we try to get our base runners on and our big hitters on behind them, but ultimately we're just trying to have some fun out here."

The game started as the SERE team took to the plate, but got off to a slow start with their first two batters out at first and their third striking out, sending them into the outfield within minutes.

The sluggers started their time at bat slow as well with a strike out, but managed to pick up the pace as one of their players managed a double to get their team on base, followed by an in-the-park home run that brought in two runs and put them on the scoreboard.

The rest of the team seemed to take a cue from the starters as they kept the ball on the ground and managed to bring in two more runs before the inning ended, 4-0, giving D Co. a good start.

Why so SERE-ious? went back up to the plate for a chance to catch up to their opponents, but two consecutive pop ups that racked up two outs early on said otherwise. A quick play at first by the Sluggers sent the SERE team back in to the field, still well behind.

The Sluggers went back up to bat, beaming with confidence, which translated into their play style as they hit base hit after base hit to bring in additional runs.

The SERE team's defense couldn't keep up with its opponent's aggressive offense as players literally let the ball slip through their fingers.

Five runs later, the D Co. team got its last out to end the inning well ahead of their opponents.

The SERE team's offense tried to step up its game as things began to look bleak and managed to get some players on base with a few ground balls, but the Slugger's defense tightened up and kept any SERE players from reaching home plate.

Why So SERE-ious?'s defense started to get into the game, however, as it managed to keep its opponents from advancing much further going into the 4th inning. SERE only allowed one run, ending the inning 10-0.

As well as SERE picked up its defense, the offense still couldn't seem to find its footing as batters were unable to keep the ball on the ground and out of the gloves of the D Co. team, and remaining scoreless.

Although the Sluggers commanded a substantial lead at this point, their offense seemed to wane, as they were unable to get past the SERE team's defense in the 4th inning, and ended their first inning without a run.

The SERE team was now under immense pressure to get back in the game as the score was dangerously close to the 10-run rule, which would go in effect in the 5th inning. The team managed base hit after base hit, which finally allowed for an RBI that put it on the scoreboard late in the game.

SERE batters weren't able to keep up the pace, however, as the Sluggers defense kept them from advancing any further.

In the bottom of the 5th, the Sluggers team needed only one run to win the game with the 10-run rule, a feat that they easily accomplished as they sent the SERE team packing, 11-1.

"Defense is our primary strength and we really try to make as few errors as possible," said Prial. "Throughout the season, we've come together and done a lot better on our defense. I love these guys. How could I say that anyone else has a chance (in the playoffs)?"

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