ABERDEEN PROVING GROUND, Md. - In accordance with a Department of the Army, Office of the Administrative Assistant to the Secretary, Memorandum dated April 19, 2013, the Army's Suggestion Program, formerly known as the Army Ideas for Excellence Program, has been suspended.

As the Army continues to deal with current and future fiscal uncertainty the Department must take all necessary measures to reduce spending while protecting wartime operations and critical Soldier and Family Programs. Personnel and budgetary resources required to correct programmatic deficiencies and sustain the Army-wide program are not available. Furthermore, Office of the Secretary of Defense guidance has limited the Army's ability to expend funds for discretionary monetary awards until further notice. Therefore, pursuant to Army Regulation 5-17, para 4-4a., the Army Suggestion Program has been suspended.

Government employees are still encouraged to offer ideas to improve present policy, processes, and protection of life during routine conduct of their daily business.

A few other programs where you may submit suggestions are as follows:

Supply and Maintenance Assessment and Review Team (SMART): https://smart.lia.army.mil/index.cfm
Securing Americans Value and Efficiency (SAVE): http://www.whitehouse.gov/save-award
Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE): http://ice.disa.mil

For more information, contact Marjorie A Sexton at marjorie.a.sexton2.civ@mail.mil

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