JFHQ NCR-MDW Employee Spotlight - George Banker
Joint Force Headquarters - National Capital Region and the U.S. Army Military District of Washington employee George Banker.

JFHQ NCR-MDW Employee Spotlight - George Banker

Years of Federal Service: 9 Years (G/J 1 MDW)

Note: 20 Year U.S. Air Force retired (1969-1989) Technical Sergeant (TSgt).

Activities / Hobbies:
Genealogy, Race Announcer, Historian, Marine Corps Marathon, Credit Union Cherry Blossom 10-Mile Run, and George Washington Parkway Classic, Author ("Marine Corps Marathon A Running Tradition"), Sports Journalist & Photographer, Motivational Speaker (Schools K-12), avid runner (93 marathon, 5-50 Milers). Committee member for several other DC area races. Graduate of George Washington University (Accounting).

Where Do You Work? J1 / Army Ten-Miler

What is Your Job Title? Operations Manager

Describe Your Job.
External community outreach within the District of Columbia dealing with local Advisory Neighborhood Commissions (ANC) which is located along the Army Ten-Miler race route to secure their approval. External interface with local police jurisdictions and medical providers in support of MDW Provost Marshal Office and Deputy Surgeon. Secure race permits from the local jurisdictions within the District of Columbia including the Mayor's Special Events Task Group and Arlington County. Provide contract administration for those vendors involved in the operational support of the Army Ten-Miler. Recruitment, training, and retention of individual and group (running clubs and companies) volunteer to support the missions of the Army Ten-Miler over the race weekend. Provide support to The Old Guard relative to the operational missions to support on race day in the areas of the start line and race course.

What do you like best about your job?
The ability to use years of experience from a varied background that has deep family roots with the military (Marine Corps, U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force, and Navy) along with 25 years of work at IBM. The Army Ten-Miler is dynamic and is a classic case study for process work with the variety of moving pieces which all must synchronize by race morning to exceed the expectations of the runners. The skills vary from public speaking, negotiations, employee relations, communication (oral and written), and project management. Being a part of an opportunity to see the MDW staff organization supporting an event which offers a variety of training elements which is not all military dedicated, and to work with our interagency partners.

What is your most memorable experience during your time here at MDW?
The standout goes to race day October 2003 as the ATM contractor was preparing to hang the start line banner. I received a call over the radio that the banner could not be found. I had a vision of the Monday morning Washington Post with a start line picture and no banner. I recalled a large box sitting in the office. I immediately drove from the Pentagon to Fort McNair without stopping (the force was with me, no ticket). I retrieved the box and was exiting the gate when another call came in stating the banner had been located at the rear of the truck. I did not know what was in the box which I had but it was placed in the trash. Since that day the banners are under watchful eye. My wife will not let me bring them in the house. A memorable non-running related experience was working the State Funeral for President Ronald Reagan. It held a special meaning since I had attended an inaugural ball from his election. The level of the planning, rehearsals, and execution was bar none. It was an opportunity to experience MDW in action.

Would you recommend working here to other federal employees?
I would recommend a person to work at MDW if a person is seeking a challenge and wishing to expand their knowledge base. The variety of missions and opportunities to take advantage of cross functional training are beneficial. There is a special feeling when you view an inaugural address knowing that MDW played a role. The opportunity to work within MDW does not always have to equate to a dollar but the personal satisfaction that a contribution was made.

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