Mun retires after 46 years of service
Mun Myong Han, Real Property Branch chief for U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan, is retiring after 46 years of federal service.

After 46 years of service to the U.S. Government, with the majority spent as Real Property Branch Chief for U.S. Army Garrison Yongsan, Mun Myong Han is retiring, May 31.

"His impact on the USAG Yongsan team and community has been profound and his knowledge and experience will surely be missed," said Aaron Close, master planning division chief.

According to Close, Mun represented the U.S. Government honorably on thousands, of endeavors during his career to including a myriad of negotiations with the ROK Government.

"Mr. Mun is the consummate professional with a tireless work ethic," Close said. "He loves helping customers, and goes out of his way to support requests from all sources."

Close said Mun earned a reputation as a "Go-to" resource for all real estate matters through years of tireless service to USAGY's community members.

"Folks in the community always knew they could rely on Mr. Mun for support on any topic," he said. "His service over the past 46+ years was truly exceptional."

Mun began his government service in February 1967. Close said there is no one who works harder.
"He loves what he does, and it shows in his day-to-day performance," Close said.

Mun is receiving the Superior Civilian Service Award for his professional support of the U.S. Army. Part of his award reads: "Mr. Mun was steadfast in ensuring the USAG-Yongsan (USAG-Y), Eighth U.S. Army, and USFK missions succeeded with clarity and precision throughout his 46 years of unwavering service to the U.S. Government. He was a driving force behind the success of many critical missions throughout his tenure, directly impacting USFK service members, civilian employees, contractors, and family members."

According to the award nomination, Mun personally coordinated more than 300 land easements (worth millions of dollars), and major USFK land acquisitions including Seobingo Compound, Sung Nam Golf Course, K-16 Airfield, CP TANGO, B-1 Bunker for CTMC, and Camp Yongin. He led efforts to close and return (to the Republic of Korea) more than 70 U.S. properties. Examples of his key real estate transfers include Camp Mercer, Camp Colburn, Kimpo Air Base, Naija Hotel, Camp Baker, Camp Seattle and K-16.

"Mr. Mun's skill in political negotiations and his ability to reach mutually acceptable common ground with our ROK counterparts was an enormous asset on significant FASC quid-pro-quo projects," states his nomination.

Examples of such projects include the construction of the UNC\CFC Whitehouse; construction of Bldg 6000 (a 6-story structure) on Seobingo Compound; construction of the Dragon Hill Lodge addition (S-4051); construction of a new perimeter fence around the TMP Compound, Yongsan Main and South Post; construction of the KEPCO substation on South Post; construction of H-264; installing the overpass between Main Post and South Post; construction of 300 housing units on South Post and installation of the Han River water wells.

"All of these projects, combined with the myriad of smaller efforts he led, demonstrate Mr. Mun's contributions to improving the quality of life for USFK service members and the Yongsan community," his nomination reads.

During his career, Mun has serviced more than 420 units and agencies throughout Area II, and he was frequently consulted by other garrisons throughout Korea.

"I hope Mr. Mun enjoys the next chapter of his life with the same passion be brought to his job for the past five decades," Close said. "He has earned the chance to take a break and enjoy the time with family and friends. I wish him the very best and hope he moves-on with fond memories of his time in Yongsan."

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