Local Schweinfurt movie theater to play more movies in English
Want to catch a movie that's in English? A local movie theater has agreed to play more movies in English starting in June.

SCHWEINFURT, Germany (May 28, 2013) -- A local movie theater has agreed to play more movies in English, just as the AAFES movie theater here readies to shut down due to a digital upgrade it won't receive because of garrison closure.

Beginning in mid-June senior managers Stefan Schantler and Heinz Schantler of Filmwelt Schweinfurt said they would play movies in English as part of a trial period. So long as viewership and sales are up, they will continue to play the movies, they said.

Filmwelt Schweinfurt is located at Am Oberen Marienbach 3 near the Panorama Hotel, which is downtown.

From Monday through Wednesday, tickets cost ,6.50 for adults and ,5 for children. From Thursday through Sunday, adult tickets cost ,8 and children tickets cost ,6. Glasses for 3D movies cost an additional ,2.

To see what's playing in English, visit the movies calendar at TeamSchweinfurt.com or connect to the Filmwelt site.

Playing movies in English is something of a rarity in Germany. American movies played in their original form are labeled OV for "Original Version." Original version movies with German subtitles are labeled "OmU."

Army and Air Force Exchange Service, which operates the movies played at the Ledward Theater, announced it would only play movies Saturdays and Sundays beginning June 15. It will discontinue playing movies altogether no later than Aug. 31, 2013.

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