LMP Poised for an Exciting 2013

The Logistics Modernization Program (LMP) Product Management Office (PMO) rang in the new year with a lengthy "to do" list that has everyone excited about what 2013 will bring LMP users.

For Increment 1, the PMO plans to complete a major functional release in fourth quarter fiscal year (FY) 13 to deliver fixes and address deficiencies, as well as compliance efforts, including Business Enterprise Architecture (BEA) and Federal Financial Management Improvement Act (FFMIA) requirements.

As noted in the Summer 2012 EISCommunicator, the LMP Increment 2 will deliver capabilities that will address several Army Materiel Command (AMC) critical requirements, as well as Army strategic business transformation initiatives and the Department of Defense (DoD) directive to implement Item Unique Identification (IUID). Much of the Increment 2 work will focus on Business Process Re-egineering (BPR) to support the DoD's efforts to streamline Defense Business Systems, improving performance management, controlling scope changes, and reducing fielding costs. The PMO continues to hold sessions with customers to refine scope, determine schedules, and begin design. Increment 2 Milestone B is planned for third quarter FY13.

Finally, the PMO will continue work on Transition of Services, which will move LMP sustainment, development, and hosting from Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) to the Government. The sustainment and development will be performed by the Army Shared Services Center (SSC), while the hosting will be performed by Acquisition Logistics and Technology Enterprise System and Services (ALTESS).

With all this work, the LMP PMO is certainly ready for an exciting -- and busy -- 2013.

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