Maj. Gen. David L. Mann

Congratulations to the entire team for the marked increase in performance we are witnessing in both Regular Army and Army Reserve production. This is the boost in momentum we need to finish out the year strong. Most impressively, we are experiencing an increase in contracts, despite having fewer recruiters on the team than we did this time last year. In fact, Department of the Army senior leaders recognize that additional recruiters may be required given the increase in FY 13 missions while maintaining robust entry pools as we enter future fiscal years. As a result, the Army recently approved 500 additional recruiters to join our team; they are tentatively scheduled to begin arriving to the command late summer and into next year.

As we anticipate the arrival of new recruiters, we are entering that traditional period of transitions. Whether our new teammates are coming from across the command or from across the Army, we must prepare comprehensive continuity books and have a well thought out plan in place to ensure a smooth transition for those who follow us.

As we prepare for school graduations and summer shipping, we must also focus on the next school year … it is an important task that will have a significant impact on the next year's success. Bottom line: The goal is a seamless transition from one team to the next, especially with regard to maintaining good community relationships with schools and educators, Centers of Influence and key leaders ... an area we should continue to expand. The bonds we build with the American people -- the trust we establish -- are critically important to our credibility as Soldiers and as an institution, as well as our success in recruiting the future of our profession.

It is also essential that we have adequate sponsorship programs to ensure we are properly welcoming our Families -- and Soldiers -- into Recruiting Command. Our Family Strong Resource Guide was recently updated and is available online as a resource for all our Families, sponsors and incoming team members. It contains important information about the command and the various programs available to support our geographically-dispersed teams across the Nation.

We continue to receive phenomenal support from HQDA and TRADOC in spite of the fiscal challenges our Army and the Nation are facing. With that said, we must continue to do our part; we must execute our operations in the most fiscally responsible manner possible while working to ensure we maintain the trust of and connection with the American public. Many local outreach efforts can be executed at very minimal or no cost and are vital to our success. It's a fine balance, but one we can achieve. Bottom line: We must be efficient and wise with our resources, but at the same time maintain effective outreach at the center level. Your local efforts are having a positive impact on our ability to maintain the strength of the Army.

On a final note, Robyn and I want to personally thank every member of the USAREC team, not only for your tremendous service and sacrifice, but also for your friendship and commitment to this great organization we call the U.S. Army. We leave USAREC in the very capable hands of Maj. Gen. Allen Batschelet and his wife, Terri. Maj. Gen. Batschelet joins the team after serving as the Director for Operations, J-3, United States European Command. Please ensure you provide the Batschelets with the same outstanding support, professionalism and commitment to excellence.

Also know that all of you and this great command will always hold a special place in our hearts. We truly appreciate the service and sacrifice you have made in providing the strength of our Army. God bless you … Army Strong!

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