STEM, career day at Carver Elementary
Public Affairs Specialist Jay Townsend and Outdoor Recreation Planner Chris Smith from the Little Rock District demonstrate how not to wear a life jacket and how dangerous wearing one upside like a diaper could be if a swimmer became unconscious. "If he fell in the water with his life jacket on like this he would be upside down and could drown," Smith said. One of the very intelligent students from Carver promptly replied with, "Yeah, cause you can't breathe through your butt!" Smith and Townsend visited Carver Magnet Elementary School in Little Rock, Ark., for the school's annual career day May 15. Carver Magnet offers a full-range curriculum, with a focus on science and math that equips children at an early age with the academic and social skills to live in a technical world. The team spoke with 125 students from pre-k to fifth grade about the Corps' past, present and how the students could be part of the Corps' future all while stressing the importance of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

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